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Day 21 of 365: Dream

We love living near the ocean, and dream about spending time on the water during the day. 

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In case anyone doesn't know - this is "painting with light" - we did a long exposure at night, and used flashlights to light up the kayaks, and a to write "dream". Joseph and I are in the shot the whole time, you just can't see up because we're wearing black and we're not lit up at all.

Michelle Smarr

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Thank you all kindly for the feedback and votes! 
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Comments from the voting pool:

Ricardo LiberatoYesterday 11:06 PM+1
Way delicate #save  

Brian McHughYesterday 11:08 PM
very subtle, #save2

Chris ChabotYesterday 11:35 PM
I totally love the subtle high key nuances - #save3

Prasun RatnYesterday 11:52 PM

Mieke De Schepper12:43 AM
I like it, very nice #save5  

Giovanni Neglia1:02 AM+1
I do not see any point in focus, but still this does not disturb me, it contributes to this feeling of softness and purity. #save6

Luke Ravitch2:35 AM
Like the high key look and the composition is fine, but my eyes really want the focus on the colored parts to be tack sharp. It's not.  #delete  

Catarina Kent4:01 AM
Nice! #save7  

Jason Chua4:58 AM
I like it, #save8

Jay Gould5:38 AM
Beautiful! #save9; +Michelle Smarr you will also find that depending upon the angle of your screen in relation to your eye - your sensor - it will look different. To have the same view all of the time, purchase the Acratech Viewing Angle Gauge (

Garen Meguerian6:19 AM
beautiful and simple composition.   #save10  

Gil Laury6:20 AM
#delete too much bright white going on all over the place

xoanxo cespon6:54 AM
bright & simple, light itself #save11

Shawn McClure7:39 AMReply
+Michelle Smarr - Congratulations Michelle, your photo received 10 save votes, so you can go ahead and add it to The Lightbox here: You might want to copy and paste the above comments into the first comment of your photo once you've moved it there. Thanks.
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Michelle Smarr

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Michelle Smarr originally shared:
Day 6 of 365

Still Life

Well, today's prompt is Still Life, so after doing some quick inspirational research on the Dutch masters, I put together my interpretation of a still life. Thanks go to +Joseph Smarr for backdrop and lighting assistance :). 

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Perfektes Stilleben!

Michelle Smarr

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Best Friends, ages 1.5 and 2.

Thank you all so kindly for the feedback. I will work on that crop. As a mother and a photographer, I really want to get these shots right artistically as I'm making memories for my daughter. 
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#save10 I found the image and composition touching and bright.
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Michelle Smarr

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Day 11 of 365


We visited the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium today and its signature exhibit is the beautiful jellyfish tanks. I will admit that I elbowed eager small children out of the way in order to get this unobstructed shot :)

#michellesmarr365 +G+ 365 Project 
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Michelle Smarr

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Day 7 of 365


Thanks to +Larry Smarr for the lovely Orchid. 

#michellesmarr365  +G+ 365 Project +James Cockroft +Patricia dos Santos Paton +Simon Davis-Oakley 
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Glad I could help supply the subject for such a beautiful shot!

Michelle Smarr

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Day 2 of 365
Me Today: No fog on the coast today, but plenty of frog!

#365project #michellesmarr365 +G+ 365 Project 
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It always starts with a little innocent chatting, and then it turns into something more with garden frogs....

Michelle Smarr

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Day 1 of 365
Resolution: Striding forward into a new project!

#365project #michellesmarr365  +G+ 365 Project 
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wunderbarer Gedanke!!! wo gibt es denn um diese Jahreszeit so eine  herrlich gelbe Blumenwiese?????!!???mögestdu weiterhin so fröhlich und so voll Elan in das neue Jahr eilen!
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Michelle Smarr

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Bright eyes.
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Thanks for your thoughtful critiques and votes of confidence. I am thrilled to be joining this community!

George Fletcher1:49 PM
Very cute and I love the wide eyes. However, the photo feels a little washed out to me. I do like the negative space on the right. Unfortunately #delete for me:(

Shawn McClure1:57 PM
This is very bright. Too bad I don't like cute babies, either. From me, it gets a #save for the bright blue eyes and a #delete  for the fact that they're on a nuclear-bright baby face. Since it would be unfair for me to contribute to this particular vote because of my aforementioned bias, I guess my self-cancelling vote is appropriate. ;-)

Michelle Smarr2:05 PMEdit+1
Haha +Shawn McClure , I appreciate you not letting your bias get in the way :)

Ricardo Lagos2:08 PM (edited)
ok -- i love this .. for me the eyes do it -- and i do like the almost high-key processing.


April Joy Gutel2:09 PM
#save2  Big sucker for babies!!!  As a parent I would love this shot of my little ones...who are now crazy monsters and not cute babies anymore.

Thomas Hawk2:12 PM
great eyes, vote #save3  

Ron Clifford2:36 PM
All the elements come together and the intentional focus on her big blue eyes is wonderful, I would like to see the far right and left pattern blurred, but the image stands on it's own.  vote #save4

Aaron Fuhrman2:39 PM
I kept going back and forth on this one. The cuteness won me over.


Mark Esguerra2:46 PM
Ooooo, such great eyes! Great job focusing in on them! #save6  

Antonio Trogu2:57 PM
good focus attracts to the eyes #save7  

Arián Krakov3:20 PM
very good. I liked how the photo capture the babys expression. #save8  

Daniel Rocha3:31 PM
Great eyes indeed, beautiful blue and great focus on them. It's a little too soft on everything else though, so I'll vote #delete2.

felipe acosta3:35 PM
nice quality!

Shawn McClure3:42 PM
Buncha baby lovers... Sheesh. The photographer's eyes are bluer than the baby's, for pete's sake. ;-)

April Joy Gutel3:45 PM (edited)+1
+Shawn McClure  look at how her little hands almost make a heart shape!!!! <3

Juan Gonzalez3:44 PM
#delete3. I want to see a more natural baby. Appears surprised by the camera. Still the baby is adorable.

Shawn McClure3:48 PM (edited)+1
+April Joy Gutel - Mmm-hmmm... I see it. Unmoved. And just "ook" at how you typed "look" while under the influence of this... grrrr, baby. Ridiculous. ;-)

April Joy Gutel3:50 PM+1
LOL...I know!  I totally went back and changed it.  

Michelle Smarr3:52 PMEdit+3
This isn't even MY baby. Wait til I post some of those, even YOU will be moved, +Shawn McClure  :). 

Shawn McClure4:01 PM (edited)
+Michelle Smarr - 1) That's what he said. 2) You woefully overestimate my susceptibility to the spell of adorable, under-developed humans with cute heart-hands. I.e., it better be a mighty-effing-cute baby... ;-)

Lotus Carroll5:30 PM
It's a beautiful, bright child portrait. 

Vote #Save10  
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