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Providing Intelligent Legal Solutions - The Premier Law Firm for Doing Business in Nigeria
Providing Intelligent Legal Solutions - The Premier Law Firm for Doing Business in Nigeria


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Just as an individual should not suffer for mistake or inadvertence of #Counsel, the state should not have its criminal administration easily scuttled due to the obvious lack of drafting expertise of Counsel.

- Peter-Odili, JSC

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Courts do not make laws. Courts do not amend or repeal laws/Acts of National or State Assemblies. These certainly are functions of the Legislature. Courts have no power to add or reduce any provision made by the Legislature. All that the Judges are required to do as operators of the courts is to interpret/apply the law as it is, based on the Judge’s understanding. #Nigerian #Law

- I.T. Muhammad, JSC

The law is that while raising the defences of estoppel, laches, standing by and acquiescence, it is not enough to state in the pleadings merely that a party will rely on them. Full facts and particulars must be stated - Ogunwumiju, JCA

Where chances of an appeal succeeding are extremely remote as in the instant appeal, it behooves Counsel in the case to advice his client of the uselessness of pursing such an appeal which patently lacks merit.

- Ogbuagu JCA #legal #wisdom

Counsel should be able to advise their clients to let go certain minor issues, which do not add to or subtract from the main issue in controversy - Danjuma, J.C.A

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#Nigerian #News

The Governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has stated that upon the passage of a an education bill currently before the State House of Assembly, any parent who refuses to educate his/her children will be criminally liable.

The move by the State is aimed at boosting school enrolment and providing quality education to every child as required by local and international laws.

#Counsel stands in a position of an advocate in place of his client as fully empowered and not in half measure. To hold a Counsel in less capacity or esteem is to set a dangerous precedent for the legal profession and erode independence of representation.

- Ogunbiyi, JSC

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Following the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) directive to banks to publish the names of their debtors, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has urged the CBN to exercise caution in its efforts to address non-performing loans.

Rather the LCCI has urged the CBN to explore best global practices in its actions, noting that loans are supposed to be collaterised and a foreclosure invoked in the event that such loans are not redeemed.

The LCCI further cited the need to avoid sweeping generalisations and advised the examination of the contexts of defaults in its intention to penalize loan defaulting companies and their subsidiaries.

A #judge is at liberty to manage his court as he deems fit, and once it is shown that parties and their Counsel were duly notified of a hearing date, Counsel who absents himself from court does so at his own peril.

- Iyizoba J.C.A #law #quotes

Where a Counsel apparently acts within the scope of his actual authority without any express or implied limitation, the client is bound by the exercise of such authority - Ogunbiyi, JSC #legal #wisdom
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