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Stuart Milligan
31. Married. Dad. Celtic. Beer. Catholic
31. Married. Dad. Celtic. Beer. Catholic

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The iPhone 5 g+ app is beautiful!

Just when I thought I understood G+ they go and change it all!

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Was struggling to understand SOPA until now...

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The stories coming out of this place are just gold...

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I am pumped about this film

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If these are true I am loving them. Fuck it, I love them if they're made up too...

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Like this a lot!
Latest Archaeological Discovery Believed To Be 10,000 Year Old Remains Of First Politician

An archaeological team, digging in Washington DC, has recently uncovered what is believed to be the fossil remains of the first politician to have ruled some 10,000 years ago.

Although at the time of this writing, the team is not 100% certain, based on the the few clues that have been uncovered thus far, combined with the physical positioning of the skeletal remains, all indications point to the fact that this assumption is valid.

Source: unknown

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Fair play to Sir Rich for coming out with such a strong and refreshing stance.

Need some help. Just started using my first Mac. Currently an Android mobile user (Desire HD) and looking to sync and manage my contacts with Apple Address Book. Any guidance? Finding this a little bit fiddly at the moment.
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