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Cory Roy
A mobile developer with a mind for business.
A mobile developer with a mind for business.

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Kingfisher at work.

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Blue tit
A photo of a blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) coming to eat nuts left behind by a squirrel in the Nothe Gardens in Weymouth. Blue Tits are possibly the most common bird in the parks locally..according to the RSPB there are approximately 15million blue tits wintering in the UK . Male birds are supposedly more colourful than females and to quote the BBC: The yellowness of a male blue tit's breast is an indication of the number of yellowy-green caterpillars he has eaten, and a brighter breast is more attractive to females."Yum I now know what I need to do.
#birdphotoraphy #naturephotography #nature #wildlife


If you are in Vancouver and like organ music, you may enjoy these performances. The organ is a 21-stop, 7-rank Spilker from 1972

Little Organ Concerts

Admission by Donation

@ St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Evangelisch-Lutherische St. Markusgemeinde
1573 East 18th Avenue, Vancouver

Saturday, April 29 2017, 2PM
Angelique Po, organ
Katherine Evans, trumpet

Saturday, May 20 2017, 2PM
Barry Waterlow, organ

Saturday, June 17 2017, 2PM
“Music from Then to Now”
Gail Ovington, organ
Carmen Ranta, saxophone

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I got an app rejected from the store for placeholder art. So then I found this...hello better placeholder art!

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So glad to hear that Jack will go away. It has been a classic "My kingdom for a horse". All the good bits of Android dev didn't work with Jack. All you got was Java 1.8 support - which is necessary for things like RxJava. Since switching to using RxJava and Jack, I've been having to lament things like Lombok which rely on the old compiler.

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