Some 5,000 likes and 5,000 shares later: I'm gobsmacked how far and wide this Jiah Khan - Sooraj Pancholi thing has  gone. Thank you for caring. I'm also surprised at the misinformation and hate that some of you have expressed in the 800-odd comments so far. Let me lay out the facts from public domain, so we can separate fact from fiction. If after that, you still hate me etc, it's fine. Don't worry, I won't be taking my life over it. :

1. I don't know or care about either party - and I am not working for either. 

2. I have no information other than what is already in the public domain.
3. Their romance ended quite a while before the suicide. They hadn't met for a while. So all this injury-on-her jaw from him is likely wrong.

4. The only 'evidence' of a possible crime is a note produced by Jiah's mom after the suicide, apparently written by Jiah.

5. The note doesn't mention the boyfriend's name even once. Here's the apparent text of the note: see for yourself It's in a link at the bottom of this post.

6. Even if the note refers to Pancholi Junior, it mentions that she was raped and abused PREVIOUS to her getting to know him. So he wasn't the rapist, per the self-same note but someone before him was.

7. Read the note: it blames him for "wanting to abuse her, threatening to hit her, cheating on her, telling her lies". So it doesn't say that he abused her or hit her. It says he wanted to or threatened to. Some amount of difference there, yes? I am sure you might have wanted to abuse someone too and threatened to hit someone too in the past - but not done it. Does that make you guilty of abuse and violence? Is that a pattern of harassment that adds up to abetment of suicide? I personally don't think so. Maybe you do. Maybe some judge will or won't.

8. The note keeps saying "he cheated on her and lied to her". That may not be a good thing - but that is hardly again harassment or leading to abetting suicide. If that was so, half the world would be dead by now, and the other half would be in jail for abetting their deaths.

9. Quite a bit of the note is "you never bought me anything, I spent so much on you", followed by "I loved you so much but you didn't love me as much". Again, hardly abetment to suicide. Or harassment.

10. What surprises me through all this is the girl is vain / foolish / crazy / vulnerable / whatever enough to take her life over this guy? Who she has known for less than a year? And who she chooses over her mom and sisters that she has known for 25 years? Where the hell were they in her life when all this was going on? They had no clue? It astounds me!

11. She's an established 25-year old actress who has had a super hit - and he's an unemployed and barely-legal 21? And this is all about him? Would you think perhaps there's an issue of perspective here that perhaps her pals, parents, sisters, friends - anybody could have given her? The ex-boyfriend was already out of her life when she did the suicide stunt. So is it his fault? Really?

12. Also remember, this was her 2nd attempt at suicide - she could have been prosecuted for the first one, but wasn't. She had tried this stunt earlier too - and was saved from it. So is the real tragedy here that there was no one to save her this time around? And is all this "Pancholi Junior is guilty" just a massive cover-up by her mom for, well, the mom's guilt at not really perhaps doing her duty? I for one am a little taken aback when a mother leaks to media her daughter's personal papers where she confesses to an abortion etc. I personally think it's tasteless. But it might also be something else - a defence mechanism in the lady to absolve herself of some imagined guilt by pointing fingers at someone else.

Well, like I said I have no special information that everybody else already doesn't have. My view after looking at it all is a little different from the media's. Further, I have no view on the morality or immorality of Pancholi Senior and what he did in his youth. I think it's irrelevant.

I will conclude again, as I did earlier, that I think it is ridiculous for the Khan family and the cops to point fingers at the ex-boyfriend. 

It's a sad story of an insecure, vulnerable woman who lost her life.That is tragedy enough. There are enough lessons to be learnt there from this needless waste of life.

A scapegoat does not need to be found.

My $0.02,

Jiah Khan's suicide letter
Jiah Khan's suicide letter
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