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Eutechnyx to bring Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance to #Android on March 27th.
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i9500: Galaxy S4 Intl Bring-up Status update

It's been a few months since we last reported on the status of the international (exynos 5) variant of the S4. When we began the process of porting to this device we were still in the days of 10.2 code. With the release of Kitkat and the transition to CM11 we made an effort to move the bring-up process to target CM11 as well. 

Thanks to the efforts of +Ethan Chen and some additional help from the community (h/t Alberto96), we are now ready to begin the process of bringing in the unofficial port to mainline CM. 

The code today exists on Ethan's github. We have some clean-up and polish left to be done (in-call BT is semi-stable) but that is a small ticket item given the scope of the larger bring-up task. 

We are not ready for nightlies yet, but given this device was donated to the project by the team at @HiveHosting, we wanted to give an update given this is a milestone phase of that project. 

A follow-up will be posted once nightlies are enabled. In the meantime, homebuilders can grab the code from:
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ALIENS. MIND CONTROL. SLOT MACHINES. Strap on your jetpack and kick some alien ass in the latest Gangstar vs. #Aliens #update! Coming soon to #Android and #iOS!
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Introducing: GalleryNext

We think we can all agree the AOSP Gallery shipping with CM currently is severely lacking. We sought to address that. 

GalleryNext is our answer and today we made the beta application available on the Play Store. 

# View all your pictures in one centralized location
# Cloud services integration with Flickr, Picasa (G+), Facebook, and Dropbox
# Moments support (automatic grouping and classification of media based on metadata)
# Video playback support
# Gif support
# Deduplication in 'All' view
# more

# Implement KitKat's immersive mode UI
# Editor support
# Fix all the things
# You tell us

A thank you to all those who participated in our bit of market research back in September ( and those that will be helping iron out issues in this beta. 

Report all issues/requests to the community group list in step 1! Please do not email us issues or file JIRA tickets at this time.


1) Join this community:
2) Click this link and join the beta:
3) Download the app
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The new Godzilla trailer is pure awesome.
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CyanogenMod 11 nightlies land on Xperia Z, Ultra, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, S2, and many, many more:

Experimental CM11 builds also arrive for the Xperia Z1 and Ultra GPE.

by +Robert Triggs 
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