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Video games, retro video games, gaming consoles, games,
Video games, retro video games, gaming consoles, games,

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Keep your old cartridge video games great and working in top shape! #gaming #n64 #games 

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Halo 4 game of the year edition announced by #microsoft  it will have a lot of great content and will be coming at a great price. #halo   #gamingnews

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Awesome trade prices and happy customers! We have been paying 50-100% more than other store fronts and companies have offered.

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First Swiss smartwatch announced.

Behold! The Hyetis Crossbow -- Switzerland's first entry into the smartwatch racket.

The watch actually combines an analog watch with an over-the-top, full-featured smartphone. They even have separate batteries.

Under the mechanical hands lies a high-resolution color display.

The watch connects via both WiFi and Bluetooth and can be paired with a smartphone.

It has sensors galore, too, including an altimeter, light meter, microphone, thermometer and barometer, as well as biometric sensors built into the band. 

A 41 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics points out from the 12 hand position. 

Two rechargeable batteries are housed inside the watch's wristband. 

You configure the watch with a free app or on the Hyetis web site. 

Now the bad news: They're limiting the initial release to 500 units, and it will cost $1,200. It ships later this year, according to the company web site, and will soon be available for pre-order. After the initial production run, the company says they'll start work on a version that will be configurable online like the Moto X.

A different picture of the Hyetis Crossbow was today's Mystery Pic. Big props to ME for coming up with a Mystery Pic nobody could guess!

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Limited edition #nintendo  Wii now available on our site! It is brand new and sealed in the box. #games   #retrogames  

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#nintendo   #games   #videogames   #n64  How to keep cartridges clean

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Keep a #N64  game clean and working! Watch it now!
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