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Take a look you might like it

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This is a good movie . it also has

One of my releases scored into the
Movie. Tropical Records never told
Me a thing about the actions that was
Taken with my release . The title of the
release is No Man you can stream this title video on my profile. I hope you all take a listing and enjoy the movie and the song

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This is a good movie and I think
It would be a good one to watch.
It also has a release of mine in it
The title of the movie is He's on my
Mind. The title of the music release of
Mine in this movie is called No Man
Tropical Records did the deal getting the release of mine scored into the movie the record label never shared the information of the song being release in the movie.

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I thought I would share this movie
With you all . This is the movie that Tropical Records used my realease
No Man in with out letting me know of
The deal with my song. It is a good movie

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The champ sending a positive vibes
To the youth in England about the world of
Drug use. Telling them that they do not
Need any of the drugs to be winners in
I want to go to England and do a lot of work
Shops I am one of the last guitarist that plays
The real country gospel. Blues bar cords and I play with my thumb never with a pick. I don't need a bass just a drummer. I love teaching and
Mentoring others who are interested in the real
Way to play the blues. Muddy Waters Bodily
Robert Johnson e even Jimmy Hendricks use
The real bar cords.
I love when the work shops come to a end the
Whole class puts on a concert. I hope to do
Some concerts if I can get over to England Wales and FRANCE.

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