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Type of Appeal: Portal Takedown Appeal

Portal: "Vogel auf dem Dach"

Last position: 50.818647, 6.114562
Correct position: 50.818740, 6.114420

This portal was submitted by agent @Heldragon and went live on 21. March 2015.

On the 13. September it was removed, and we kindly ask +NIA Ops  to reinstate the portal.

The statue is on the rooftop of a building and easily seen from the street. It is safely accessible in the scanner from public space and compliant with portal regulations. The position was slightly off and agents from both factions tried multiple times to submit corrections, albeit without success.

We have no idea why it was removed, no one from both factions admittedly reported it. I live in this street with my family for years, and we are befriended with the neighbours owning the statue, therefore we are sure it wasn't removed based on their request. The corresponding Pokemon Go gym is still in place, which precludes a removal due to complains about Pokemon Go players.

This portal was primary playground for me, my family and friends visiting our place. We would like to ask for the portal to be reinstated, if possible with the corrected position mentioned above.

+Britta Nowak 
+Iris Nowak 
+Felix Haumer 
+Benedikt Allendorf 
+Benedikt Haumer 
+Oliwer Christ 
+Axel K. 
+Verena Niediek 
+Daniel Crott 
+Mad Monkeh 
+Anne Beuttenmüller 
+Matilde Tusberti 
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Hallo zusammen,
im Spiel heiße ich Pakaroo und bin hauptsächlich damit beschäftigt den Bereich in Würselen zwischen kaiserstr. Und Aachener Str. Grün zu halten.
Ich bin in der Freizeit meiner Freizeit unterwegs und bin inzwischen lvl. 6.
Bei Telegram ebenfalls pakaroo.
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