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Janice Harshbarger
Seriously addicted to my family, current and past
Seriously addicted to my family, current and past

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Beeks line: Daniel Shed 1620-1708, Immigrant
Daniel Shedd is another in a line of New Englanders of whom little is known.  I often wonder about them.  For instance, was Daniel the kind of man who would have been the life of the party?  Was he a Puritan?  If he was, then he probably wasn't the life of ...

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Holbrook line: "Oulde" John Mott 1570-1656, Immigrant
Most of what is known of "Oulde" John Mott comes from articles published in The American Genealogist back in 1942-43.  Nothing here is my own research, and there are certainly a lot of questions that I can't answer.  However, we have this much, and it's eno...

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Allen line: Richard Miles, Immigrant 1598-1666
It's unusual to find so much information about an immigrant ancestor.  Usually I bewail the fact that I know almost nothing about the person and then work hard to stretch a post into a three paragraph biography.  With Richard Miles, it's the opposite.  I ha...

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Harshbarger line: Johan Niclaus Shaffer, Immigrant 1674-1758
Sometimes when I think of what our ancestors went through, it is almost more than I can bear.  I wonder if they thought they were having it really tough, or if they just took it one day and a time and trusted God for that day only.  One of these ancestors, ...

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Beeks line: George Jacob, Immigrant 1675-1731
George Jacob is another mystery, although his story begins later in time than some of the other immigrants in the Beeks line.  He was born in the Palatinate, which is the southwestern part of Germany, but an exact location still eludes researchers.  However...

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Holbrook line: Alexander Chalker, Immigrant
Although I tend to think of my ancestry as being mainly in Massachusetts, of course there are a lot of immigrant ancestors who settled elsewhere, up and down the East Coast.  Alexander Chalker was one who apparently went to Connecticut directly, without sto...

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Allen line: Timothy Ford bt 1611-1684, Immigrant
We know at least a few things about Timothy Ford.  It is quite likely that he came from Devonshire, England.  He may or may not be connected to the Henry and Catherine Drake Ford from that area.  I have it on my tree as fact, but looking at it more closely,...

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Harshbarger line: Jacob Whetstone born 1738
At last, here's another Harshbarger ancestor with information available, at least a little bit.  Jacob Wetztein was born in either Pennsylvania or Germany in 1738.  His parents were Isaac Wetzstein and possibly Anna Maria Maag, although there is some confus...

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Beeks line: Samuel Burgess Immigrant or not?
I'm not sure whether this man is an immigrant, or not, but he's a Beeks ancestor and as such deserves at least a few lines.  There is much confusion in on line sources about this man, from his hometown to his parents to whether or not he came to the New Wor...

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Holbrook line: Gregory Belcher, Immigrant 1606-1674
Another immigrant, another set of questions...At least we have some answers to some questions for this man.  It appears most likely that he was the son of Thomas Belcher, and was baptized on March 30, 1606 at Wardend, Aston, Warwickshire, England.  His moth...
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