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Now fully up at is Phones Show 469, with my take on the Galaxy Note 9 versus the S9+. Plus Pixel 3 news, of course. 8-)

[Plus a MP3 version of the show for blind users, see the RSS feed: ]

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It's a new week.... and a new show!

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How to: connect a Google Pixel 2 or 3 (2 XL or 3 XL) to an Apple Mac using Android File Transfer -

Just in case it helps others. Mystified me for an hour!! 8-)

Phones Show Chat episode 467 ("Michael Saxon, The Z3 Club") is now up at with +Michael Saxon and +Ted Salmon. 8-)

[And there's an alternative MP3 download URL in the show notes for anyone having issues with, my normal host]

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V40? What about the G7 at half the price? A new Phones Show for you...

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Not just me being controversial, evidence is on the page 8-)

Hey anyone within striking distance of Reading, UK. There's an impromptu pub meet at the Heron pub in Charvil, near Woodley, on Thursday evening, 7pm onwards. (Used to be called the Lands End.)

Some new phones will be demoed there and, no doubt, plenty of mobile tech talk.

(Update. Please wait for confirmation this is on, am waiting on a phone maker)
Ah, looks like the phones only arrive in the UK on Thursday evening. Watch this space for a rearranging.
Update 3: looking at the following week now. I'll post again in the group when I know.

Phones Show Chat 466 ("Sue Blandford, X for breakfast") now up at with +sue blandford and +Ted Salmon!


[And there's the usual alternative MP3 download listed in the show notes for anyone having cellular issues accessing]

If anyone has a SIM-free iPhone 6s in good condition then my wife might be interested.....

Just putting it out there. 8-)

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I've been rounding up iPhone XS Max cases.... 8-)

Hint: there's a runaway winner. IMHO!
Case roundup: Apple iPhone XS Max
Case roundup: Apple iPhone XS Max
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