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Brian Mills
Keenly interested in the politic behind why the farmers are loosing a fair percentage in the returns. #wbfof has arrived.
Keenly interested in the politic behind why the farmers are loosing a fair percentage in the returns. #wbfof has arrived.


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Progress at 21st December 2013  on Initial Draft of book:
The Fiasco which was the Senate Inquiry into Citrus.
Seeking Investigative Journalist and/or Ghost (Best Seller potential) Writer
Sub Heading:
The Demise of Manufacturing and Agriculture
by Stupidity or by Indifference
Other publications or drafts by the same author:
Co author of ‘Oral History of Ex Students of Griffith High School.’
‘WHODUNNIT The Last Nail in the Coffin of the Citrus Family  Farm.’
3.  In progress “The Lad from Griffith.’
4. Web site nowsaveaustralia
5. Bumper sticker ‘I’m madder than Hell and Can’t Stand it any more. I want a debate with Darren Chester and Sophie Mirabella and Bill Heffernan.’
Australia is Open for Business including Multinationals – Warning the Welcome mat is out for bribery.’
7.  In Progress ‘Is it Bribery, Bribery Cover up and/or Political Manipulation Killing Citrus?’
8.  In progress ‘The Fiasco which was the Senate Inquiry into Citrus.’
9.  In progress ‘Pompeii – Griffith NSW.’
10. In progress ‘Griffith – the Enemies Within.’
11. In progress ‘The Test for Australia’s Establishment’
12. In progress “ Nelson Mandella, Pauline Hanson, Who is Next?’
13. In progress ‘ Predictions in 1996 Europe, USA and Australia to decline. Prediction in 2013 Australia to become “The White Trash of Asia.”’ 
My first dedication is to my magnificent maternal grandparents Luigi and Fiorina Bonomi who brought their family including my 6 months old Mum - Rene  - to Griffith in 1915. At that time Griffith was 6 months old.
A second dedication goes to lance Endersbee. When, in 201 . I saw the DVD he produced in 1996 there was instant recognition of a brilliant mind with tremendous pride and hopes of the future for his country. I accept it as a great opportunity to carry on his great work. My hope is that someone with his charisma will carry on with where I have taken his work.
To follow
Chapter 1 How to Conduct an Inquiry.
When I saw orange trees being bulldozed, shops closing in Griffith and property values going down I decided to try to save citrus. When I learned of the Senate Inquiry into Citrus this seemed like a  dream which had come true.
The Senate Committee invited submissions. My initial response was a five page presentation with five attachments. It was evident that the Australian citrus industry was in trouble. How progressive to invite submissions, My presumption was that submissions  would be examined by the Committee, that there would be as many interactive discussions as needed for the best options to be presented by the Committee.
The danger signals started when correspondents to the local newspaper  wrote of an earlier Senate Select Committee did not appear to present any positive results
This is what I found on the internet:
’In a letter to Senator Xenophon in January(2012), Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, the Hon Catherine King MP, stated that orange juice concentrate containing any level of the fungicide would not be permitted to be imported into Australia after April 2012.’       
It would not have mattered whether I was a farmer, an engineering consultant or a farm labourer this was the bombshell which HAD to be presented to the Citrus Inquiry.
A further five pages were presented and were accepted for publication. 
At the Inquiry on 3rd July 2013 it seemed that my comments and projected solutions were ignored and some exchanges are  shown below:
CHAIR: The weakness of a developed country—we understand all that, but this is not a forum to take you through that. A lot of our destiny is beyond our control these days, especially when we have written free trade agreements based on getting rid of tariffs—……. Anyhow, we are most grateful for your evidence.
Mr Mills: When you say it is not in your control, as I started off looking at oranges and then I started to look at apricots, peaches, agriculture, dairy and manufacturing—which is the area that I work in—it is all the same. It is all tariffs. My contention is that when 'Black Jack' McEwen was in and he wanted to keep tariffs as protection, we had the best agriculture in the world. We were manufacturing and exporting farm machinery, but as a developed country—as all developed countries did—we decided we would look after the developing countries and we would do that by starting to decrease tariffs, which Billy McMahon started to do in 1971 and all countries of the world agreed to in the Lima declaration in 1975. As far as I am concerned, the Lima declaration was the death sentence, but when I read the Lima Declaration I think it says that we want the developing nations to build up to 23 per cent of production by the year 2000. Therefore, when you say it is out of your control, I would just like to suggest that the governments of Australia could even be looking at the Lima declaration and saying, 'Is there a chance we might help citrus by'—
CHAIR: But it used to take six weeks for the test cricket team to go to England on a ship and now you can go overnight.
When my proof copy of Hansard arrived it included:
Terms of Reference for the Inquiry:
To inquire into and report on:
Review of the citrus industry in Australia, including:
(a) scale and structure of the industry;
(b) opportunities and inhibitors for growth of the Australian industry;
(c) competition issues in the Australian market;
(d) adequacy and efficiency of supply chains in the Australian market;
(e) opportunities and inhibitors for export and export growth; and
(f) any related matters.
There terms seem so wishy-washy compared  with
To save citrus by
Re-instate ban on contaminated concentrate planned to take effect in April 2012
Phase in at least an additional 200,000 tonnes of Australian oranges per annum for juice at the right price
Include at least 15% of Navel oranges in juice
Agree or legislate for the supply chains of major retailers to coordinate with the citrus industry for citrus to receive  at least an agreed cost of production.
Even if ‘opportunities and inhibitors for growth of the Australian industry’ was accepted by the Committee why could my plea of 'Is there a chance we might help citrus’ have been discussed then or at many of the other times after that meeting when I tried to make contact have been considered by the Committee?
I was so disgusted by the lack of response of the Senate  Committee that I wrote a book ‘WHODUNNIT The Last Nail in the Coffin of the Citrus Family Farm.’
In it there are many of the items which should be  included in the Terms of Reference of a Citrus Inquiry. The book is available at Collins Book Stores in Griffith, Wagga and Mildura
There is a chapter of the economic considerations presented by the late Lance Endersbee. Citrus is a microcosm of  Australian industry.  The findings of Lance have logical bearing on the failings of all Australian agriculture and the devastation  of  Australian manufacturing.
There is a chapter which shows that the short term benefits to Brazilian citrus industry which have had devastating effects on Australian citrus has turned into even worse disaster for Brazilian growers. The only beneficiaries have been the cartels in Brazil and their multinational associates in Australia.  The cost/benefit of this situation is deserving of its own Inquiry.
The book includes representations of the two accountability graphs which were presented at the Inquiry. Permission was granted for them to be shown but no notice was taken of the them during the  30 minutes of  exchanges.
At last I was able to receive this:
A SENATE inquiry into the Australian citrus industry has found its industry body needs to be more inclusive and representative.
The committee recommended the industry work with Horticulture Australia to address apparent conflicts of interest created by having directors and/or employees of Citrus Australia on the Citrus Independent Advisory Committee and IAC Technical Reference Committee.

The report, tabled in Federal parliament yesterday, also recommended Citrus Australia review its structure and introduce changes that provided all growers and other stakeholders with a more democratic and regionally representative peak industry body, allowing small participants a meaningful say in the direction of their industry.

The committee found Citrus Australia needed to develop an equitable balance between the need for industry "presence'' in terms of production volumes, and allowing small participants a meaningful say in the direction of their industry, and to provide for consistency in the selection of regional advisory bodies.

When it came to biosecurity, the committee recommended the Federal and state governments continue to support the National Fruit Fly Strategy with a view to implementing key recommendations which would reduce the cost and effort to growers and industry of managing fruit fly.

In conjunction and consultation with horticultural industries, the Australian Government should consider the introduction of a national fruit fly levy across all industries associated with host material, to help fund the implementation of the National Fruit Fly Strategy, the report said.

"The Committee recommends that an integrated approach be taken to the management of fruit fly at both a national and regional level, to ensure that regionally-specific fruit fly issues ... are managed appropriately.''

The committee also recommended the Australian citrus industry and the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry take immediate steps to ensure updated contingency plans were in place to effectively manage incursions of diseases such as Huanglongbing (citrus greening disease) and it vectors, as well as citrus canker - ensuring this was adequately funded.
To the more than 5,000 who have signed the petition to place an immediate ban on contaminated Brazilian concentrate:
2. To all of the medical people who are treating all of the people in one of the fattest and most unhealthy countries in the world
How many person hours and how much money and how many hopes were dashed when that is all that came out from the Inquiry?
Chapter 3 Where to from here?
The advantage of the inquiry is that it showed the path required soon enough before the election for us to start our own investigations. Plan A (the Inquiry) was a disaster. Plans B, C and D have shown that other options are moving so slowly that Plan E needs to be initiated as soon as possible to try to meet the May 2014 target.
Plan E has three portions.  One is to write a number of books designed to make progress on various strategies to save citrus. Another portion is to seek a much more capable writer to check the content and  format of  the books to produce a ‘best seller’ format to spread the messages as widely as possible and as soon as possible. The other portion is to find an investigative journalist who is sufficiently high minded to want to steer Australia away from large scale bribery, bribery cover up and/or political manipulation. They would also have the satisfaction of  helping hundreds of farm families survive.
Three possible  investigative journalists have been contacted but any other suggestions are most welcome.
The fifth paragraph in Chapter 1 ( page number 6) shows what could have saved citrus. It is obvious that the multinational company which controls more than 80% of Australia’s juice manufacturing has the most to gain financially by reversing the ban has used bribery (which cannot be proved to the satisfaction of the Federal Police), bribery cover up and/or political manipulation to reverse the ban. In April 2012 Rural Farm Debt was about $16bn and has continued at about $1bn per annum since the reversal. These figures appear in Hansard.  
Chapter 4 Accountability
At the Senate inquiry into Citrus in Griffith on 3rd July 2013 permission was given to exhibit two accountability graphs but there was no interaction  achieved during that 30 minutes.
For the  more than 5,000 signatories of  our petition,  future versions of  the draft of this book will report on these accountability items:
Might the Senate Committee consider the re-instatement of the ban on contaminated Brazilian orange concentrate planned to start in April 2012.
Might the Senate Committee comment on the steps taken to present a claim of bribery, bribery cover up and/or political manipulation to reverse the ban in April 2012?
Might the Senate Committee discuss the plan to phase in at least an additional 200,000 tonnes per annum of healthy Australian oranges for juice?
Might the Senate Committee comment on encouraging the use of up to 15% Navel oranges for Australian juice?
Might the Senate Committee continue the dialogue started on 3rd July, 2013 in relation to The Lima Declaration.? In particular, discussion is invited on the plight of Brazilian orange farmers who did well during the first 30 years of taking advantage of Australian farmers. When citrus greening wiped most of them out the more successful farmers turned to sugar cane. Others now work at seemingly starvation rates for the cartels who cleared rain forest to plant replacement orchards. When citrus greening strikes, that land can never be used for citrus again. Might the Senate Committee comment on the plight of our farmers under what appears to be a stupid situation?
Might the Senate Committee use their resources to determine which importers, juice manufacturers or Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ)  reported on the health considerations of  juice from the mutated fruit from trees suffering from citrus greening disease? Brazilian authorities claim that even though the juice tastes slightly bitter it is suitable for drinking.
Might the Senate Committee use their resources to follow up on the lobbying which FSANZ admitted to and as recorded in Hansard?
Might the Senate Committee consider a ‘way out’ theory  of mine when it comes to Citrus Australia?  In early 2012 while studying the Senate Select Committee on Juice Manufacturers I saw a brilliant piece of work by Citrus Australia. I copied it onto my Desk Top. It was the inspiration for me doing my part by starting the petition including an immediate ban on contaminated concentrate. As my initiative evolved they became very silent. My conspiracy theory is that the multinational which controls more than 80% of Australian juice ‘got at’ Citrus Australia  with a conversation something like: ‘If you change tack we can allocate you buckets of money. Use the magic words ‘exports to China’ and concentrate on navel orange exports which represent about 2% of the market. We can then continue to expand our imports of  concentrate which is cheaper than Australian oranges. In effect the buckets of money can easily be just a small part of our additional profits.
Might pigs fly?
Chapter 5 Accountability graphs
This chapter will record results from the previous chapter (or a statement of no response) and a continuation of the graph of Rural Farm Debt.
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Bribery, bribery cover up or political manipulation
3rd November 2013. I can hardly believe that two influential groups have accepted my claims of crimes. One is the Australian Federal Police to look at bribery or bribery cover up to reverse the ban on the importation of contaminated orange concentrate. The ...
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Bribery, bribery cover up or political manipulation
3rd November 2013. I can hardly believe that two influential groups have accepted my claims of crimes. One is the Australian Federal Police to look at bribery or bribery cover up to reverse the ban on the importation of contaminated orange concentrate. The ...
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Status as at 16th September 2013
The original plan was that the Senate Inquiry into Citrus would present recommendations to be followed by  the next government  legislating...
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Cathy McGowan Super Star
It would be wonderful for Australia if Cathy wins Indi
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