Here's a question of a possible New England colloquialism - while looking at the History of Winchendon (from our Feb 10 posting about the case of J. Bruce), I noted in a discussion of those suicides that had happened in the town's history the following:

"The first instance of self-destruction occurred on the 12th of March
1797 when a boy named Jonathan Moor, hung himself on a sleigh-
tongue, in the barn of Lieut. Benjamin Hubbard, who then lived on
what was afterwards known as Elias Whitney's farm.  Inquiry elicits
nothing to account for the act but the remark that 'the boy was a

I've done a little digging but have yet to find some explanation for what is meant here.  A look through google books doesn't turn up another example linking suicide to being a "witch-cat" and the phrase tends to turn up a lot of "did you mean 'familiar'?"  Does anyone have any idea of what is specifically meant?  Or found this phrase used?  Failing that, does anyone have an suggestions on where else I might look for further information?
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