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The Beatles - What happened when the world's biggest band arrived on streaming services?
What happens on social media when the biggest band in the world put their catalogue on streaming services? Well, this is a question I tried to answer a few weeks after the fab four's 13 albums (and 4 compilation albums) were added to the likes of Spotify, A...

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Why the internet means there will never be another David Bowie
Earlier this week David Bowie died, he had already died many times before (through his reincarnations and musical transformations), but this time it was for real. Bowie died of an aggressive cancer only a few days after his 69th birthday; release day of his...

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An open letter to Neil Young
To Mr. Young (or may I call you Neil?) , I have been a big fan of your music for years. I listen to you at home, at work, walking the streets of London, at friends’ houses and on my daily commute. But you recently removed all of your work from music streami...

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Will Streaming Be The New Cable TV?
A few weeks ago rumours were starting to circulate about the impending launch of Apple’s new streaming service. The music industry has been waiting with bated breath ever since Apple acquired Dr. Dre's Beats streaming platform for $3 billion at the close of...
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