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SEO, PPC, Badassery
SEO, PPC, Badassery

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Knowledge-Based Trust: Estimating
the Trustworthiness of Web Sources

+Jeremy Rivera asked me how I felt about the myth that too many citations too quickly would be something that might get a site penalized.

My Answer: It's quite possible that the value of citations has something to do with how trustworthy the source of those citations might be. This paper from Google describes how to gauge how trustworthy a web source might be. If a business accrues a lot of citations from trustworthy sources, it is quite possible that the business would be fine.

If you haven't read it, it is worth going through.

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Great Nashville Roofer
James and his crew are fantastic, if you've got a roof problem here in Nashville you should check in with them for a free estimate #nashvilleroofing
Nashville Roofer
Looking for some serious roofing experience here in Nashville? James Fineman and his team at +Tennessee Contracting Services  know what they're doing and should be your first call if you need a re-roof, roof repair or roof installation. #nashvilleroofing  

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Needing startup name tips but don't have anyone to ask? Join us on Twitter this Friday at 10:45 am CT for our first #‎startupbizchat with our president Tom Feary. Feel free to ask him questions regarding help with naming your business by tweeting @tomfeary and using our hashtag #startupbizchat!

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You Might Assume that Most People Know How to Optimize for Google After 15 Years... Wrong! Via +Jeremy Rivera

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Jeremy Rivera commented on a post on Blogger.
Love it.

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Definitely learned a lot putting together this post for +Buy Your First. #creditrepair #buyyourfirst

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You'd think I'd forgotten how to write a blog post. It's been 6 months. Wow! 

5-Minute Itemref Semantic Markup Tutorial
Ever struggle with marking up all your on-page data? Learn how to use itemref to link disparate blocks of data together and create an effective SUPER ENTITY!

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First Time Buyer Programs & Resources
I've partnered up with a couple of expert loan guys and put together a resource site for first time home buyers. Thinking of buying a home? Here's info on pre-qualification, what programs are available and useful infographics too. 
If you are a Realtor or know one... Contact me! We're looking for knowledgeable Realtors to feature on our site!
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