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New Illuminati Symbols Video showing the Top 3 Most Used Illuminati Symbols seen by many: 
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Who are they really how did they come in control like this and no one knows somebody knows and i am going to find out
Its the Vatican controlled by The Jesuits , the Jesuits killed Lincoln , and they are responsible for the Titanic conspiracy which gave them the power to create the Federal Reserve bank in 1913 using masonic Papal Jews to do their bidding and to cover up their power , when we really research what the Jesuits have done , then we will find them involved in ALL Illuminati and NWO agenda's , Bohemian Grove , Skull & Bones , WW1 WW2 WW3 , The Fed , The Mormons
KKK , Hollywood , The Red Mass , The Blue Mass, The Jehova's , Christian Zionism , The CIA , The Kennedy Assassination , The War on terror , Romeland Security , Controlling All High Level Freemasonry , Israel , The Islamic Leaders , 911 , Communism , Socialism , Masonic Labor Zionism , Globalism etc etc and the list goes on , its the counter reformation in action and they don't care how they achieve it , the end justifies the means for them , they are out for total domination of the world by the pope of their making
The list in Illuminati Members is poor better research the Membershiplists of the CFR , Trilateral Commission , Bilderberg group , Chatham House , Club of Rome , United Nations , The Knights of malta ,32 and  33rd degree Freemasons , The Jesuit order (no list) and all the other Vatican Knighthoods , there you will find the true cores of control ruli this world through Washington DC , The British Crown , Brussel and The Vatican
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