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Charlene Turney
Organized choas of my life.
Organized choas of my life.

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Today is my 40th bday and I decided to share some of the things I have learned along the way.

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Lessons from a 40 year old mom
Lessons from a 40 yr old mom. Be
nice to everyone. It is not for them, it is for you. You feel better
when you are kind and feeling better benefits your health is a positive
way.   Always
serve those around you. I promise you, if your heart is in the ri...

I love looking at cookbooks and writing down future meals. It would appear that I might be good at meal prepping because of this love but I am not and I have lots of room for improvement.
So today I made a list of veggies we would eat often. I also wrote out foods that just popped in my head as easy, go to meals. I was realistic in my week and left room for a new meal to try. I came up with 3 basic meals that allow me to cook bulk and use for more than one meal. I can cook the spaghetti meat and use it for both spaghetti and tacos. I can cook a whole chicken and use it for stir fry, tacos and the bones for broth. I can cook rice once or twice a week and use it for most of the meals throughout the week. Roasting veggies always heat up nicely on the stove so I will do that ahead of time too.

When I wrote down food ideas into bullet point instead of full individual meals it made it easier to think about how to cook it all on one day and reheat during the week.

I am excited to start this immediately. This will allow me to simplify things yet keep an eye on what I am feeding my family and even get my kids to help as we master and change up these meals week in and week out for about a month. The following month I can change up these meals for others and work on mastering those. 😊 Melinda Nicodemus said she was going to try it for her family and I thought the idea was great.

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My twin and I are always tossing ideas back and forth and we, like everyone else, are talking about the goals for the New Year. I am pretty sure our goals look very much like yours, because even though we are different people, in different towns, our goals look similar. We want to improve our fitness and health, we want to get better at raising our kids and keeping our home clean. We want to be the best wives for our husbands and the best of friends to those around us. I love having a support system to help me reach these goals. We started a facebook page called Step One to Change where others can join us as we all do our best to improve at this thing called life. So many times we set these huge goals and go strong for a month or so until a hiccup in life happens and we stop. I know for me it can take months to get back on track. Last year I was tired of the start, stop, start, and stop from being overwhelmed. I decided to make very tiny, very reachable goals and guess what? It worked.
I went for never working out to setting a goal of at least work out 3 times a mth, than 4 times a mth, to 3 times a week. The small baby steps kept me moving and I now say that baby steps in the right direction is better than sitting on my butt moving in no direction. I had a huge pause in all life things when I had back surgery in March. I have been healing and I am excited to get back to working out...gently of course.
I also have other basic goals like managing my grocery budget. I have a large family and I get over zealous and buy veggies and other foods to cook. We then have a busy week and time after time I end of having to throw out food because it went bad. That is a HUGE waste of my money. This year I want to do better at meal planning and not wasting food.

Please join us over on our facebook page

Having a group of friends talking about their goals together make it drastically easier to win in life. 

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Making choices to raise my kids based on my likes or theirs.

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Raising kids to win in life.
Here in Tn it is in the 20's today and this southern Alabama girl does
not like the cold. So when my son asked to go play in the snow dusting
before church I responding with a quick no. There was very little push back as I walked away thinking "why in the...

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The battle of cookies for breakfast.
I LOVE sweets, I mean I LOVE eating it is just sweets seem to be the biggest food group that I like. I also love feeling good and having clear skin and no joint pain. So the biggest question I battle is which do I love more. To be honest sweets seem to snea...

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I LOVE sweets, I mean I LOVE eating it is just sweets seem to be the biggest food group that I like. I also love feeling good and having clear skin and no joint pain. So the biggest question I battle is which do I love more. To be honest sweets seem to sneak their way into my life and by the end of a weekend I realized I went crazy on the eating and I feel like crap. I am trying to find a balance and I thought that eating clean during the week and having the weekend as my splurge would work but it is not. For me and so many people sugar causes inflammation and being that I am 9mths past major back surgery inflammation is something I want to stay far, far away from. We had two Christmas parties this weekend and I did great compared to the me in the past but I still am learning that I have to change things to feel better. This morning as I walk past my kitchen I see cookies that I promise you were calling my name. Yesterday I had an oatmeal cookie for breakfast and so why not have another kind today??
I walked away and thought about is that cookie worth bed rest and a face that breaks, it is not.
I made a good decision today and praying I can do this all day and find a balance that works for me.
I cant follow what anyone else is doing because God made us unique and that means there is a base line of wisdom we all need for health but the tiny details come into play with each person and their needs.
So for now I won the battle of cookies for breakfast or eggs. I did not choose cookies. I may need to remove the cookies all together because the battle gets harder the longer they stare at me.

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