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Had a lot of fun exploring this rumor
Now here's an interesting thought experiment: Apple may be interested in purchasing the book giant Barnes and Noble, a flimsy source tells the mobile site Boy Genius Report.
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Just don't see it, unless Apple wants to crush the print book industry.
I think this rumour is spread by some people who own BKS stock.
I think it would be a great move if they did. And, yah they probably would want to crush the print industry. Financially, it's in their best interest.
Is that picture of the B&N in downtown Baltimore? 
That's definitely the Power Plant. It would be interesting to see a former Six Flags theme attraction turned into an Apple Store.
Haha yah that was the picture BGR used. Looks like a great space
It might be beneficial to merge their ebooks library to take on amazon, but I don't think it would be smart for Apple to attempt to take over the big box bookstore throne. What with being a key member in destruction of Borders.
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