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Hero Shot? Or Christian rock band album over. You decide.
Nice Devindra. I like to look at this pic while listening to So What Cha Want by the Beasties.
Time for someone to blow up an asteroid and have sex with Liv Tyler!
Shouldn't that be OR.. Blow up an Asteroid OR have Sex with Liv Tyler. In this movie, the hero DIDN'T get the girl. He was her father.
+George Culbertson some might say the father was the hero, but Ben Affleck did save that extra rover and drove far and long to get it to dig hard and big.

I was gonna make the rules are different in the south joke about you know what ... but that would have been pedantic and i felt like bringing it up a notch tonight.
I feel like I'm staring at a tease for The Avengers!
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