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Type 'Int' does not match type 'Int'
I joke to myself that the last project I complete before I retire will be a book entitled "Anti-patterns in compiler engineering", which will be a complete summary of my career as a computer scientist. I spent a couple of days last week undoing one particul...

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DDC 0.4.2 -- the "almost useful" release
DDC 0.4.2 was pushed to Hackage a few days ago. Running "cabal update; cabal install ddc-tools" should build it. You'll need a version of the LLVM tools in your path. LLVM 3.4 - 3.8 (the current release) should work. Code generation and runtime system suppo...

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Higher order functions and interface files.
Work on DDC progresses, though recently it's been straightforward compiler engineering rather than anything novel, so I haven't been blogging.

DDC now drops interface files when compiling modules, multi-module compilation works, and the front-end supports ...
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