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World Terrorism Serpents - Be wary

By Glenn Mollette

My wife and I were walking an Appalachian path a few months back when a poisonous copperhead snake struck at my wife. The snake was big. My wife was carrying pepper spray and amazingly with one quick move sprayed that deadly serpent. The snake was stunned as we lunged forward to safety. We were so very lucky. Either one of us could have died or lost a limb if that poisonous serpent had been successful. Journalists and cartoonists in a French newsroom were not so lucky this week. They were totally caught off guard by striking terrorists that ended their unsuspecting lives.

The attack on a Paris, France magazine killing twelve people is chilling. We must not allow such a heinous event to freeze us and keep us from practicing freedom and eliminating terrorism.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, white people, black people, Americans, French and all must be freedom united.

ISIS, militant Islamists, Taliban and others are working to destroy our freedom of speech, religious freedom and equality. Sometimes we think we have problems in America. If we want to understand problems look at Syria and parts of Iraq or any other region that is ruled by militant religious extremism. Ten journalists and two police officers sacrificed their lives for freedom of speech in Paris.

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo was internationally known for its satirical cartoons that outraged many Muslims. Some of those militant Muslims retaliated by enacting a bloodbath.

On September 11, 2001 we watched thousands die horrifically in New York City at the hands of terrorists. We have watched or heard of the hundreds killed in Mumbai through various attacks. We have seen parts of videos of journalists and humanitarians beheaded by terrorists. In France we saw a helpless police officer executed by terrorists after they had executed an entire newsroom. The accounts go on and on. Evil exists in the world and is alive and well.

People across the planet must unite. Good people must stop fighting each other. We have problems in our country and it could be a lot worse if we do not work together. We have no problems like what we could have if we lost our freedom.

Americans must be strong. We must practice our faith boldly. Speech and freedom to express ourselves must not get quieter but louder. Police officers and the military need our full support. They have tough jobs. We need them to be as effective as possible.

Our job each day should be to do our part to keep our freedom. Treat each other kindly. Help each other. Practice the Golden Rule. Keep each other safe. Yet, unfortunately we have to live warily. Evil is a slithering serpent that might strike anyplace and anytime. Being caught off guard could be fatal.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group, organization or this publication.

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The state Health Department says more contamination is likely to be found along Honolulu's elevated rail route as construction continues.

This, after KITV4 first reported last week that lead has been found in the Banana Patch area.

For complete details, Click here:

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The city is designing a roundabout near Kalapawai Market in Kailua to help ease traffic into Lanikai.

City and state lawmakers are also urging residents and locals not to drive into Lanikai during the busy holiday weekend.

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Michael Parker of Michael's Fine Jewelery is saying aloha after a 40 year run at the Pearlridge Shopping Center.

During his long and illustrious career Parker developed the Century Cut Diamond and helped pass the law that made black coral Hawaii's state gem.

Aloha Michael from everyone at KITV4, and good luck in your retirement!

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Michael Parker, 72, of Michael's Fine Jewelry is saying aloha to his business after 40 years.

He was one of the original tenants of the Pearlridge Shopping Center and created the New Century Diamond with 100 different cuts. He's also helping to restore the crown jewels at Iolani Palace.

Join us tonight at 6 p.m. as we profile this longtime Hawaii businessman.

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Hidden costs continue to rise to the surface as Honolulu's rail project faces more challenges.

KITV4 has discovered the so-called Banana Patch area is contaminated with lead, and an old military pipeline along Kamehameha Highway, is coated with asbestos.

Meanwhile, there are also problems with construction that must be addressed by Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

For the complete details, click here and then leave us your comment:

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Don't blame it on the grinch!

Much of the sand along Waikiki Beach has vanished just two and a half years after the completion of a $2.2 million replenishment project.

Now, erosion has exposed a large concrete slab at Kuhio Beach, a situation many locals call dangerous.

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Trevor Ozawa, 31, is scheduled to be sworn-in as the Honolulu City councilman for District 4 after the Hawaii Supreme Court denied a challenge by Tommy Waters.

Ozawa said he wants to focus on making the city fiscally sound, and has grave concerns about the rail project.

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Gov. David Ige has submitted his first spending plan for the state three weeks after taking office. The $25.7 billion budget over the next two fiscal years largely maintains the status quo from Neil Abercrombie's previous administration.

However, the budget only balances out because of a $665 million projected carryover from the current fiscal year.

What do you think about the state's current financial picture? Are you optimistic, or will things only get worse?

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It's sticker shock in reverse!

Gas prices in Hawaii continue to fall. Let us know how much you're paying at your local station.

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