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Every time I have new photos in my collection, Google Photos Backup never backs them up unless I kill the app and restart it. I think, because I take my router down every day for 30 mins, that Google Photos Backup then gets stuck. Has anybody else noticed this issue too?

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After upgrading to Windows 10 I found certain features (for example the right click option to convert WAV files to MP3) were no longer available, but other new ones were and it was confusing to have old and new on the right click menu. With these tools I was able to remove all the old stuff and things are much easier to use now. I'd recommend these tools.

This excellent article led me to find the tools and I'd recommend the web site too.

Touchless Chat...

I find on my Samsung Note 3 that I can't use TC when I'm in the car which is where it would be most valuable to me.

The Note 3 is rooted and runs a number of Tasker scripts when in the presence of the car's BT handsfree kit; one of those scripts turns on driving mode. So I'm guessing that it is perhaps Samsung's S Voice app that may be the root of the problem? What do you think?

TC announces an incoming text message and asks if I'd like to read it but clearly doesn't hear my verbal response.

If I double tap the HOME button to run up Google and say "Send message to..." then that works - the outgoing message is correctly sent.

Incidentally, I could also send a text with S Voice but it's a pain because it is simply not touchless :)

Finally, there seems to be a section here for all the AutoXXX stuff but not one for Touchless Chat?

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Some useful tips in there although not all of them worked on my system.

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Some very good tips in here about night or low light shots and how you might illuminate people in the shot. PLUS an interesting discussion on why GPS tagging seems to be being phased out and a useful app to get around the problem. I've read the user guide to the app and it looks really well thought out from every angle, so I'm going ahead with getting the app. The link is in the article.

Re: PUSHBULLET - Well, I'm only just trying out this latest edition. From what I've read it sounds like you guys have been working hard to take Pushbullet a whole leap ahead in the game. Looking forward to trying out all of its features now.

I'm having fun trying to get touchless chat to work on my Note 3.

I can send a text message with Google but not a WhatsApp message. If I say "Send a WhatsApp message to..." Google displays what I said correctly but nothing happens.

It tells me when I receive a text message, and it will read it to me, then it asks Reply, Dismiss or Ignore and quick as a flash says Nothing heard before I can even draw breath.

It tells me when I receive a WhatsApp message and invites me to read it but it never reads it to me - just ignores whatever I say.

Any ideas? 

Since WhatsApp upgraded to its new look it's now using 68% of my battery power. Anybody else noticed that or is it just some quirk on my phone? 
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