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So this little cunt sets up a camera and then provokes me into administering some corporal punishment..NOW a few years later put this on YouTube because I wouldn't support her financialy. other than that she was fine with the beating. why take so long?

How long do you think it's going to be for my daughter to get her book,TV or movie deal? she has no money that's why she uploaded this video a few days ago!


Texas Statute of Limitations

Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 12.02 Misdemeanors

An indictment or information for any misdemeanor may be presented within two years from the date of the commission of the offense, and not afterward.

Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 12.01 Felonies

Injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual ( 2 out 3) Texas Statute of Limitations is no more than 5 yrs.

I win.

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I'm so fucking scared.... lol

Anonymous - Operation DoxTheJudge

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Please allow me to apologize for what I did, 7 long years ago. My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect.
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