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MoanasUniqueDesigns for unique gift and home decor items
MoanasUniqueDesigns for unique gift and home decor items

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Road trip anyone...

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Who knew that slavery still exists...special thanks to +Jason Levy for bringing this issue to the forefront...
Today is National Anti-Slavery Day. Please help the cause by sharing this post, and if you can please donate at

Even if it's just £1, every penny counts.

Throughout the day I'll be posting some shocking and uplifting cases of people who have been rescued from modern slavery.

Whatever you can do to help will be appreciated.


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What beautiful autumn foliage...special thanks to +Shan Hussain for sharing this wonderful view...

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He looks a bit unhappy doesn't he...
This is what s crouching Tiger looks like.

Animal Life Originally Shared .

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If you're looking to add some great folks to your circles who actively engage...check out this circle by my friend +Brandon Leibowitz...
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Got kids...or a whole load of buttons...check out this lovely and easy project...

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Check out this beautiful garden bench made from an old bedframe...just had to share this wonderful project...

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Good morning g+ land...dropping in to share some apologies to +Paula Teshima for taking so long to share this wonderful group...check it out folks...
Updated: March 6, 2014 

This is a shared circle of people that have most been plussing, commenting and resharing on my personal profile posts during the last weeks. It is also included the most TOP INFLUENCERS: SEO, Social Marketing, bloggers, photographers, fashion addicted, social media addicted, musicians, architects, poets...

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Special Thanks to my best week engargers:

Jennifer Stelzer, Licensed Massage Therapist +Jennifer Stelzer, Licensed Massage Therapist
Victoria D   +Victoria D
Alex Chris   +Alex Chris
Kenin Bassart   +Kenin Bassart
Edna Guatno   +Edna Guatno
Brosda and Bentley Realtors   +Brosda and Bentley Realtors
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Mike Hubbard   +Mike Hubbard
Bret Niemuth   +Bret Niemuth
Dr Tammy Cashion   +Dr Tammy Cashion
Jason Levy   +Jason Levy
Renato Lollato   +Renato Lollato
Robby Ball   +Robby Ball
Chadillac hart   +Chadillac hart
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Julianne Hall   +Julianne Hall
André Duarte   +André Duarte
Auth Icle   +Auth Icle
Chad Christiansen   +Chad Christiansen
Scott Buehler   +Scott Buehler
James McClinton   +James McClinton
Georg Srama   +Georg Srama
Monica Butler   +Monica Butler
Al Amin Shehk Shehk   +Al Amin Shehk Shehk
Paul Meulman   +Paul Meulman
Ata Ner   +Ata Ner
Echo Valera   +Echo Valera
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farah godoy   +farah godoy
Philo Yan   +Philo Yan
Katerina Brosda   +Katerina Brosda
Jody Lynch   +Jody Lynch
Carlo Barbosa   +Carlo Barbosa
Tyler Casper   +Tyler Casper
Bill Bray   +Bill Bray
Alberto Pasternak   +Alberto Pasternak
Wajid Hussain   +Wajid Hussain
Catherine Wilfong   +Catherine Wilfong
Chris Del Grande   +Chris Del Grande
Oscar Ortega   +Oscar Ortega

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Thank you and have an Awesome Day!!!

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Here's the updated circle by my friend +Vladimir Samsonov ...check it out...lots of interesting folks...
Hey my friends. Good morning/evening to all!
Circle brings together nice and interesting people with similar interests ...
Share and be shared
Буду признателен всем, кто присоединится и поделится этим кругом.
Этот круг объединяет людей со схожими интересами...
I would be grateful to all those who will join and share it around.
#ForFriends #photo #EarthMyMother

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These men and women have done us all a huge service...many of them at a high cost...please read and share this circle by my friend +Rusty Ferguson   Thanks to all veterans for their service...
Ripples of Love -- Veterans, V1 from +Rusty Ferguson
New Version Updated: March 17, 2014

This circle is another that hopes to create a more loving ripple across Google Plus. This time I wish to draw attention to American veterans. I am American even though the USA is too expensive for me to live there in retirement.

I do not care why a veteran joined in the first place. I do not care what their state of mine was when they joined.  Each and every one of them has earned our support and we are in debt to them. Many would say you should not thank a person for doing their duty. Let us thank them for doing that duty. Most of us do not have to do that. Many of us are not cut out to do that. Many of us do not want to do that. 

They give so most of us do not have too.

 There may come a time where more of us have to defend the USA and I think more of us will if that time comes.  Let us up that it never comes. So far, those that gave have been able to prevent that need.
It does not matter if the war was just and proper. That lays at the feet of our elected politicians.  And it lays at the feet of those that elected them.

The only thing that matters is these men and women did their duty.  
Some go to fight our wars. Some bleed to death in a desert or urban sprawl. Some come back better than before. Some come back far worse than before. None go to war and comeback without scars. 
Some scars are physical and some are emotional. I do not know which is more severe. I suspect those mental wounds are the hardest to overcome. Most veterans from old wars and new wars will speak very little, if at all about what they saw there.   Most of us can never fully understand. I wish I could but I am glad I did not have to go. 

In my youth, I dream of being rich. I thought I would be. I fought my own battles but not with a gun. I probably would have benefited from the military way of life. I do not if I could have ever taken someone yelling in my face at boot camp and that is why I did not go. It was probably a mistake. Military people generally impress me now.

I am most concerned about those that are now homeless or lonely. Our lonely heroes.  Are heroes not supposed to be famous? Most of these heroes are unknown. We mourn a year at the tomb of the unknown soldier but that is not enough. 

There are so many broken heroes out there that live everyday being alone, feeling unwanted and we are mostly unaware. 

The VA does work for the homeless and those with mental scars and they try hard. Many of our heroes did not do so well when they were serving. If their discharge is lower than general, they get no benefits. The VA does not help them.

We must help them.  Each and every one. If our government will not then it is up to us. Some of us are little better off than they are. I understand.

We see the beggars in the street. Sometimes we worry about what others think. Sometimes we fear them. Sometimes we feel disgust. I have felt all three. Some lie to us.  One in Atlanta caused me to fear for my life after he said to me “You are a fool”.  He scared me, he really did. The next time give them some change. 

No more though. When we see these people and it is safe to do so, most of us can spare some change.  Some of us really cannot, i have been there too. Sometimes still it is not safe.  You may fear they will use it for beer. Yes they might or something more severe. It does matter what you give is not currency its love. 

There are nearly 60,000 homeless American vets on any given day, the next time you may be loving a vet or you might be denying one. 

According to the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans ‘About 12% of the adult homeless population are veterans.”  

They also state that:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 57,849 veterans are homeless on any given night.

About 1.4 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.

Each year, VA’s specialized homelessness programs provide health care to almost 150,000 homeless veterans and other services to more than 112,000 veterans. Additionally, more than 40,000 homeless veterans receive compensation or pension benefits each month.


These numbers don’t all make sense at first. The 150,000 I assume are not always homeless.  The nearly 60,000 number are the homeless on any one given night. 

The National Coalition for Homeless Vets states that part of is to mission is to provide help with substance abuse, with retraining and transitioning back to civilian life. These things are important to make any real, long lasting difference. It must be frustrating work when dealing with substance abuse, the failures will outnumber the successes. Some will try over and over again and some will eventually succeed.  

We must not forget that this is a shared circle.

If you’d like to be a part of this circle or remain a part of the ripples of love, please do the following.

Plus this circle. It helps a great deal for others to see it.

Comment on this circle. That too helps get this circle and the message distributed.

Share this circle. This not only helps get the message out but helps those in the circle to gain more followers.  Sharing it will help you get in the circle. You need to be a real person and not a spammer. Pages can be included too. You must share it publicly or I will not see your share. 


The National Coalition of Homeless Vets does accept donations. They also list several other organizations that provide assistance to vets.   If you would like to donate you can do so here:

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