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the 2am chili recipe posted on reddit was surprisingly good

what's the big deal about Node.js? It's an event loop in Javascript. We've been using event loops for like 40 years now (Twisted, Glib/GTK, select, poll/epoll, ...)

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wow. google just bought motorola

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why not just pass a law saying that the market can't go down? then, everybody gets to be rich!

1 thing i dislike about gnome3 so far is the application launcher icons, and it's not really gnome3's fault even. so many packages are using non-scalable icons, that the result looks completely unprofessional.

seeing a SVG scaled up to 128x128 looks gorgeous. seeing a 16x16 or 24x24 PNG scaled up that much looks horrific (i'm looking at you, crossover, oracle sql developer, openjdk, and netbeans)

after who knows how many years of using ubuntu/debian, i decided to give F15 a try. all i have to say is - very well done, fedora and gnome 3 developers. so far, this has been a really nice experience

"rise of the planet of the apes" - there are about 500k gorillas and chimps in the world, and let's assume that somehow, they all got to be super smart and super strong overnight. let's further assume that - being super smart and strong - they each could kill about 100 humans before being killed themselves. the damage would be 50M humans, or about 0.7% of the worldwide human population. to reduce the human population by 70%, they'd each have to kill 10k humans. that's too much, even for Bender, who wants to kill all humans. i'm not worried about us being the endangered species.

good: congress is set to vote on a debt deal
bad: the deal includes no new revenue

doesn't understand the hype around "true grit". the acting was stiff, the dialog dull.
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