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Stay tuned for All-Rite Towing Blog, starting in near future.  
The focus will be on safety tips for towing companies, and customers.
Some will be from other websites, blogs, with credit given to those who posted.

All-Rite Towing continues to upgrade equipment, provide training to employees so we can better serve our customers.  
Thanks to all our customers for their support.

This has been a very busy year for us.   New building and new to us  "Big" truck
for heavy duty towing.

Cold Minnesota weather is on way for weekend.   Call All-Rite Towing for jump starts and all your towing needs.

We will take care of you towing service needs, 24 hours a day.   Our drivers have experience in accident recovery, jump starting, ditch winching, tire changes.  
Serving  St Paul, Minneapolis and greater Minnesota.   Yes we go to Wisconsin too.

Call All Rite Towing for all your towing needs in St Paul and east metro area

For those in Out-state
 Minnesota & other Rural areas

Winter survival kit
Three-pound coffee can or similar container with plastic cover, Candle stubs & matches that can used to melt snow for additional drinking water

Metal or plastic cup, a small sharp knife and plastic spoons

Red bandanna and a plastic whistle to alert rescuers of your location

Pencil and paper to have information in vehicle if you leave it..  write down when u left and where u are going

First aid kit, including any essential medications

Plastic flashlight with spare batteries.  Reverse the batteries to avoid accidental switching on and burnout  and replace battery’s yearly

Two  large [plastic garbage bags & safety pins.  The bags are for insulation for your feet and pins to keep bags together

Snack foods for energy, such as candy bars

Cell phone adapter to plug into lighter

Other important items

Extra sets of stockings caps gloves  mittens  boots socks and snowmobile suit

Sleeping bag and blankets
Road flairs and reflectors
Tow straps & chains
Booster cables
Basic tools

A big THANK YOU to our veterans!!!!!

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Wow, what happened to summer?   Our plans were to complete building by Sepember to wash and mantain our trucks.  Finaly got floor pored and hoping to have building in use by Thanksgiving.   Its  60' x 35' but thats what we can afford.
Winter is almost here so  check battery, tires, coolant and be sure to have something for extra warmth in vehicle.   [coat, mittens, blanket]

It is great seeing some great towing equipment and posts made here. 
Nice link by All-Country Towing   Most of  those ideas work here in cold weather also
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