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Hydnora Africana

the Hydnora africana is a parasitic plant that grows almost completely underground, feeding on the roots of shrubby plants in the arid desert regions of southern Africa. The only part that rises above the desert sand is its fleshy flower. You would be excused for thinking this shot was taken on Arrakis. ;)

It smells just as good as it looks, it continuously spreads an odor of feces to attract carrion and dung beetles, its natural pollinators. The salmon-red flower traps the beetles that enter, only to release them when the flower is fully opened. 

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Well they can consume them after being pollinated, right?
Apparently this particular plant is parasitic: it feeds off of other plants. It is probably less like the Venus Flytrap than it would first appear.
thats the wierdest plant iv ever seen in my life were did u find that pic at 
+Haziral Qain Unless you would like a home redolent of the odor of feces, you might want to reconsider. Now, having said that, I have some neighbors who could benefit from having one of these plants. Of course, I wouldn't actually have to tell them that.
Unofficially dubbed the Democrat plant. 
This plant looks like that giant man-eating plant from the movie 'little shop of horrors', doesn't it?
There's still things in this world that continue to amaze all of us.
looks like a hand. like when zombies appear, their hand is first out.
It reminds me of the creatures from the "Tremors" movies.
Yes, and and shortly before the monster makes its first appearance, the blonde half of the sacrificial young-couple-in-love will say, "Honey ... did you fart?"
Olga V
Ugly stinky zombie plunt! Amazing nature :)
This is fake.  Someone with a knife made this with a cantaloupe.
Looks like something straight from Starcraft Zergs... Nasty.
it would be scary if it groweld at you when you walked past it.
don't get too close or a facehugger will cling onto your face
Her name is Gertrude and she's a Virgo.
brother kar, REDOLANT?  good work. meet kush khan, (not really a humanoid!)
+Kush Khan I could have saved you the trouble of your last comment by letting you know I only like beautiful women.
+Kush Khan I have to go.  Thank you for your time, you clever, witty, mean, beautiful girl.
Seem like tanglefoot;) These aren`t a flycatchers?
wow amazing and interesting thx for sharing ;)
i know it's alive but where is this
its inner part is malange in color
it's YUK so much did u see the small one it's yukker 
Its like that sarlack thing on Return of the jedi
well now there's something you dont see every day, fascinating.
Its mean hydnora africana too got some plant cells which perform cognitive functions like neurons of animal brains that implies all living cells whether its plant or animal indeed got some basic properties of self awareness that hitherto considered exclusive characteristics of neurons only.
Its amazing how many years ago was believe that there was no living organism on the desert but now we are finding underground living species unknown to us, how long did it took this organism to adapt to the environment? That's even more amazing because according to science, it takes millions of years and still some of them can exist and we will not know about them.
Very cool! I wonder if pollination is also the reason behind the corpse flowers foul odor..? Man I wish I could check these things out in person. I mean really observe and experience least Ive seen it though! Thanks:)....and OMG! It does look exactly like a worm from the movie Tremors! (Good flick, 2nd one also) Almost an impossible coincidence...I mean, if I was trekkin through the desert and I came upon this, I would hop on the nearest boulder, lol
I was really hoping this was an image from curiosity
Wonder how big those things can get?
I originally thought Threser maw, but then I realised it didn't have the giant blue tongue.

And I've officially played too much Mass Effect.
On the other hand, why didn't the person in charge of the radar mention worm sign? Could've saved myself a harvester there...
THAT'S A WEIRD LOOKING PLANT                                                               L,O,L
AHHHH alien ohh nevermind
it looks like the monster in the pit of carcoon from star wars
i like it because boys like stuff like this
It looks like the giant worm from tremors !
it looks like a nasty alive melon
Talk about Tremors, huh?
Looking at the pic, I've got this itching urge to pour a gallon of bleach down that ugly thing.
Anyone else think of the movie Tremors when they saw this?
kush kahn, i apologize. your a rugged kinda guy. Maybe goats?
Arrakis, heh?!? Someone have spent too much time watching Dune!!! ;)
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