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Jukka Issakainen
Freelance Artist and Colourist
Freelance Artist and Colourist

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He-Man/Thundercats issue #3 Solicitations are out!
Before we have even seen Previews for the first issue, we get the Solicitations for issue #3 of the upcoming He-Man/Thundercats crossover series thanks to comicvine ! HE-MAN/THUNDERCATS #3 Written by ROB DAVID and LLOYD GOLDFINE Art and cover by FREDDIE E. ...

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October Solicitations for HE-MAN / THUNDERCATS issue #1 from DC Comics!
The DC Comics October 2016 Solicitations are out! Check out below for information on the first issue of He-Man and Thundercats crossover comic mini-series! HE-MAN/THUNDERCATS #1 AUG160290 Writer: Rob David , Lloyd Goldfine  Art and Cover Art: Freddie Willia...

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Crossover comic He-Man and Thundercats Announced for October 2016!!
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe characters meet Lion-O and the Thundercats in a new 2016 October Crossover 6-issue event! Written by Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine! Art and covers by Freddie E. Williams III

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Cover to He-Man the Eternity War TBP Volume 2 is revealed!
While it was reported earlier that the cover to Volume 2 Trade Paperback for He-Man the Eternity War would be different from what was shown in early solicits, it now has been confirmed with appropriate credits! The Volume collects remaining issues #07-15 of...

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Page-spread of Silhouette Characters by Pop!
After seeing the preview pages for upcoming issue #15 of He-Man the Eternity War (out on Feb 24th, 2016), fans were puzzled by some of the characters seen only in silhouette. Artist Pop Mhan graciously has shared the B&W illustration for the page-spread unl...

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PREVIEWS He-Man the Eternity War #15
Here are preview pages for He-Man the Eternity War #15 from DC Comics!  This (sadly) last issue for Eternity War comes out next week Feb. 24th, 2016 [Source]

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Unedited Page Art by Pop Mhan from He-Man the Eternity War #14
Over at his facebook-page , artist Pop Mhan was kind enough to showcase some before-and-after images to what goes into making a He-Man comic. In the form of the original Black & White art for Page 04 of He-Man the Eternity War #14 that came out January 2016...

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PREVIEW: He-Man the Eternity War 14 from DC Comics!
Check out the Preview pages from He-Man the Eternity War #14 that comes out this week wednesday 27th, 2016! It shows a better view on He-Man's new armor that previously was in silhouette with issue #13, as he battles against Skeletor. Also great to see many...

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PREVIEWS for He-Man the Eternity War #13!
Here are the preview-pages for upcoming issue #13 of He-Man the Eternity War! Issue comes out December 23rd, 2015.

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No He-Man the Eternity War issue 16 coming. So what does that mean for the comic?
The solicitations for March 2016 from DC Comics titles have been released. And there is no mention of He-Man the Eternity War for issue #16. [source] Issue #15 looks like is the end of that specific storyarc and as of now we don't have any official word wha...
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