A modified dice mechanic for use with Fate or FAE;

Suppose you have a very short list of skills, such as the Approaches or Freeport's use of D&D abilities. Instead of giving each of those a rating from +0 to +4, rate them from d4 to d12. Whenever you would roll that skill, you roll that die size and another d6, subtracting the d6's value.

Numerically speaking, that results in means that match up exactly with just using bonuses - rolling d4-d6 is, mean-wise, the same as rolling (d6-d6)-1. Ditto for d10-d6 as compared with (d6-d6)+2. The other important distinctions; this method is slightly less likely (on the order of 5%) to roll 0 or higher, because the floor is always -5 whereas d6-d6's goes up with the bonus; and this method has a higher maximum, depending on the die size. As a result, it's still 0-centered but a bit swingier than d6-d6 or 4dF.

That's mechanically a little weaker than a standard array for FAE; if you have six approaches, you're probably running d4 d6 d6 d8 d8 d10, which matches up with -1 0 0 +1 +1 +2. To get a mechanical output on the same level as FAE, you could have a core-esque skill list in addition to the FAE-esque approaches that has a skill cap at +2 (I use a column setup with 6 starting skill points, but you could alter to taste).

To give an example of how this would work in play, suppose you were using D&D-style ability scores. Your character has a Strength of d8; when punching somebody or trying to climb a wall, you'd roll d8-d6. If you had +1 to Fight, you'd roll (d8-d6)+1 in the former case, but just d8-d6 in the latter.

Any thoughts on this?
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