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At least watch up 'til the end of Scene One. only 13 minutes!
Shadow City Secret Heroes
'The Transformation'
At the sadly nowdefunct Kill Time Place rentparty theater space, Powelton, Philly

About the playwright
Kathleen Chang was a Chinese-American political activist, writer, and performance artist.

Kat was a 10 out of 10 in my opinion, ans we were was a infamous figures on the University of Pennsylvania campus, often dancing on the College Green brandishing homemade flags painted with various political messages and vocally advocating nonviolent social revolution.

Sadly, on October 22, 1996, Kat committed dramatic suicide by self-immolation on the spot where she and I had often performed in an effort to engage Penn students in the progressive causes she championed; the packages of writings she delivered to six Penn students, two local residents, as well as Penn's campus newspaper and other news organizations contextualized her carefully planned suicide as both protest and a vehicle for her message.

She didn't tell me what she was planning because (duh) I would have found a way to stop her. Later informed me that she had tried the same thing a year to the day before, but someone else from the scene intervened...

Wikipedia said as of August '18 that she was the daughter of "Chinese academics" who emigrated to America in the wake of the revolution there...this and other plays created by SCSH are her brainchild. The performance artist +Soomi Kim now does a version of this show worldwide, which is something that radical Taoist Kathleen would have wanted. As to what she was like? Imagine someone resembling an emaciated Bai Ling wearing a grass skirt with a Yin/Yang symbol on their chest like Superman, dancing a combination of Ballet and Tai Chi and there you have the image.
Eric, Diane, Mary, Silver, Kathleen and others are the performers. I was under 21 and couldn't be in it, but I am in the audience. This video is suprisingly high-quality for the 1990s.

Watch responsibly and remember, Fire Hot.
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I want to send this one out to Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen
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Abstract Surrealist,
Kengo Nagai
System Number 44
2009, Pencil on Paper, 20x15cm
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What's your favourite branch of science? Different grids for different kids, to paraphrase Wilson...

I started school as a Linguistics major. But after one year, I had satisified my personal curiosity, and lost the urge to continue pursuing the major. So I dropped out rather than flunk. It took me ten years of soul-searching to realise what I really wanted to study, and now I am a Comparative Theology major.

This article surprised me, from "sciencing" dot com.
Are you a "sciencer"?
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If it's on the Mall I won't go, because panhandlers tend to be awesome dancers, and I don't want to be outclassed.
Registration for October beginner and intermediate cuban salsa classes are open! Register at Message or email Jessie if you have any questions.

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check out this nasty-ass Scorpion kick.
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