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What's that? Another new blog feature series? It's almost like it's a new year!
Greetings all - It must be a New Year, I have all these interesting ideas buzzing round in my head about things I can do with the blog, and this year I'm trying to get my life more in order, so everything is set out with draf...
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Nick Thrower

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Some good aims in there, though I'm not sure about selling off models, haha!
So having looked back over 2016, its time to look forward to 2017. The question is what do i want to achieve this year? Well, lets have a look shall we? 1) the main painting objective this year will be the Eagle Knights. I wo...
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Neither am I! Its been on the list for the last 2 years and I still haven't sold a single model, I have however gained more than a few! 
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Let's have a look at some other blogs shall we, with a new feature!
Greetings all - welcome to a new feature on The Burning Eye this year! In my 2017 resolutions I promised that I'd resurrect some old blog features, and try to come up with some new ones. That all started last week with the re...
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Awesome post idea and thanks for sharing Steven's blog, I hadn't seen his before and looking forward to the other blogs you have to share!
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Nick Thrower

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That's a beautiful looking Rhino - I only hope I can make the Chimeras for the Bromheads look half as good!
I finished off my first Blood Angels rhino and here are plenty of photos for you to enjoy.
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Nick Thrower

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Managed to make some progress last night on the limited ed chaplain I won in the weemen blog charity raffle! Still a long way to go mind!
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+Nick Thrower i'll have to get a recast then, no choice really.
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Bit of light hearted fun today!
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I don't know which is better, the witty responses of the adept, or the perfectly paired Picards! "Smile and Nod!"
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Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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HAH! to those of you that still don't know. Cypher isn't bad. "He leaves a trail of chaos rebellions everywhere he goes" because he is simply leading the Dark Angels to already starting rebellions. He holds the Lion Blade for when the Lion returns.

After all, Cypher is loyal to only two people.
Johnson, and Luther.

Read the damn books people!
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This week I set out plans for my genestealer cult army!
Greetings all! Hopefully you've all seen my plan post for the Dusk Knights (linky link) and here's the second installment - the Kindred of Malebolgia. If you missed it on my blog last year (erm, what do you think you were pla...
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Let's look at the cupboard of shame shall we?
Greetings all, Well, I figured with a new year comes a new responsibility (sorry for the mis-quote Mr Lee). What I mean by that, is that I'm going to try and get my posts into a much more organised state, with better pictures...
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Who doesn't love a good 40k meme?
Hi all! Well I promised in my look forward to 2017 that I'd try and reinstate a few features on the blog that have lapsed a bit, and here's the first of them - Funny Friday! The concept is simple - Fridays are the start of th...
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+Oliver Wirth I heard that in Elwoods voice... :-)
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Today's post looks at what's to come for the Dusk Knights - including what should be some very cool battle reports!
Greetings all! Here I am once again with my continuing ramblings on what 2017 holds. My last post looked at my generic hobby plans for the year, but I've decided to do a more detailed post, focusing on each of my armies and s...
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A little late, but here's my own review of 2016 and a look forward at what 2017 holds.
Greetings all! Well, those three weeks went quick! First, apologies for the lack of advance notice of my disappearance, it was first caused by illness (nothing serious, but enough to keep me away from hobby stuff) and then th...
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