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My own portfolio of awesomeness!
My own portfolio of awesomeness!

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Staying Productive for the Summer - JULY
Well, I'm trying to do more things outside of the house while the weather is mostly pleasant.  Seeing the festival sights and sketching them. Also trying to get some part-time work nearby to keep myself above water while I get thru my current projects and o...

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3 Amazing New Works - Pixel Art + Video and Watercolours
In the effort of getting back on track with my artwork, I've been busy making promos in categories that I'm lacking good examples in.  Also I've been busy making more memory room for my computer, especially when I'm making art videos that takes up Gigabytes...

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Check out my latest art video on Youtube! Underpass Rain

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A-MAY-ing Sketches & Box Templates
It's been rather eventful this month for me: Strained my left knee while hauling two buckets full of beach pebbles for Civic's old pen, turning it into a garden planter. Probably after buying those strawberry plants and the extra soil. Went to the TCAF - To...

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TOUSK Meetup Trip - Yorkville Village Mall, Yorkville - Toronto, ON
About once or twice a month, for a few months now, I've been going out to these urban sketching group meet ups.  To do some drawing/doodling and to socialize with other artists or hobbyists.  It gives me another reason to go out for other than exercise and ...

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Doughlicious (Cookie Dough Logo Design)
A few weeks ago, this logo design was illustrated for a family relative.  She wants to start a raw cookie dough business and asked me to create a vibrantly colourful logo for it.  Did several creative sketches but she then wanted me to do the lettering from...

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Works from the past 2 weeks
Bloomy Sea, 2017 Inked on a gouached illustration board, from my large mural project  Royal Oak @ Queen St East & Willow, 2017 Photo reference of sketch site Burger Box Replicate (from a McDonald's McChicken Box)

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Sketches from last week

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Sketches from my last USK meet-up at Allen Gardens (yesterday)
Succulent Wall Art, 2017 Red-Eared Slider Turtles, 2017

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My Recent Sketches
City Workers Woodchopping, 2017 Meat Truck, 2017 Centre for Social Innovation - Annex Cafe, 2017 No Bull Burgers, 2017
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