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Speech to text is hell
Bleeding Kafka in a foreign country naturally after three weeks on the road going to museums wondering strain streets and generally I’m getting my sea legs I stop and start wandering in the bookstores and I want to start reading and I don’t know what this i...

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sometimes i wonder: what was that lifetime all about?
the first psychic i visited, gloria saches, said, "Everything speeded up. We're living six lifetimes in one." that certainly seems true for me and not very comfortable. the passions have come and gone. theater possessed me at least three times: when i was a...

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a letter on retirement
hi russ, thinking about our conversation yesterday, very relevant to me! one reason i like the lookout job is i told myself i could go on for a very long time and that's the way it's worked out. when young, i told myself never to retire, which meant to keep...

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can sanity prevail?
i'm trying very hard not to project my own physical decay - trigger fingers, A-fib, hydro-cele - onto the world. too many old folks feel the world is going to hell because they are. any change becomes a cause for alarm: a favorite tree cut down, a laundroma...

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onliy happy when i'm reading
that summer after the third grade i read two books a day, mostly about heroes, blackhawk, daniel boone, kit carson. we'd left montana for california and i suppose i hid out from the separation, the feeling of hamilton dying as we left it, the life leaving t...

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i live an hypnotized life
i hate to admit it but i'm often the victim of self-hypnosis. sometimes this is very useful, as when i have to deal with an authoritarian figure, a cop, or a teacher. i don't realize it in the moment. i am imitating his gestures, falling into the rhythm of ...

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memories absolutely insignificant to anybody but me
yes, i regret losing all those childhood memories. around 25 they seemed to drop below consciousness, all the details. and why do i miss them? i guess it's the feeling of vitality, impulsiveness, emotion, everything on the surface, no defense against joy an...

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impossible to write poetry when i can't fall in love
a h, there you are, dream girl, the tomboys i've always loved. of course, i'm not sure what you mean. when i first encountered real poetry in college (ee cummings, wallace stevens, ts. elliot) i didn't understand what it was all about. for six months i read...

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THE LAST WALK OUT by David Helton (review Oct 12, 2014)
the tangled web we weave (and after the humans are gone?) i'm really having trouble being optimistic about the future of human beings. october doesn't help, a cold wind blowing out of the east, fire season coming to a close. soon i'll be plunged into the wo...

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on the evil of clowns
      "I began my comedy as it's only actor, and I came        to the end of it as it's only spectator."                                                                                    Antonio Porchia this is something i know very well. (i should be slee...
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