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Social Media Strategy Plan

In today’s era, social media is now a necessary, and essential part of any companies marketing, or communication department. Social media is not only an easy, inexpensive way to help market a company, but also is a way to better interact with the target audience. Studies have shown that if proper social media is implemented into a company, it could have an 89% increased exposure rate, a 75% increased traffic rate, a 69% gain market intelligence, and 65% customer loyalty. Dove Inc. does have a little social media exposure through a blog, facebook and twitter, however our campaign requires an increase in social media exposure. We plan to re-do the facebook and twitter page, as well as introduce an instagram account, as well as an interactive app.
The facebook page that Dove Inc. currently has isn’t updated enough, and doesn’t interact with potential volunteers as much as the campaign would like. The purpose of a facebook page is that it is an inexpensive, marketing tool that could gain exposure of Dove Inc. and it’s information. The facebook page will also be a great away to direct traffic to the official Dove inc. website. The facebook wall can share upcoming events, volunteering opportunities, photos and videos of events, as well as contact information for potential questions on the organization. Facebook is also a good opportunity for previous volunteers or employees of Dove to share personal experiences that they had with the organization, and for other users to see or comment. Facebook is also a very easy way for the organization to interact with it’s audience, and questions or concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently. The target audience that we are trying to reach for this campaign are younger volunteers ages 18-25. In this day of age, nearly everybody in this age group has a facebook account, making it easier to reach them. When posting statuses, the tone will be attention getting, professional, but also approachable to the everyday person. an example post of this might look like ;

“ATTENTION DECATUR CHERRY BERRY LOVERS! Next Friday October 10th, Dove Inc. will be holding a fundraiser in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month! Grab your favorite frozen yogart and 20% of your purchase will go toward helping spread awareness! See You All There!”
Along with facebook, our campaign also would like to update the current Dove Twitter page. The twitter account will work very similarly to the facebook account, sending out tweets about upcoming events, and information about Dove. The twitter account will also be a great way for volunteers and people to interact with Dove, but tweeting directly to them, and getting a quick response from a Dove representative. Twitter will help reach a younger crowd, and will also be able to help the company trend by introducing new hashtags such as #doveinc or our new slogan #dolittlethingwithgreatlove . The tone of the tweets will be the same as Facebook posts, and might look something like:

“Thank you to everybody who came to the Homeward Bound Shelter yesterday to help volunteer , your hard work does not go unnoticed! #doveinc #dosmallthingswithgreatlove

Our campaign would also like to introduce a new instagram account in an attempt to reach a younger audience for volunteering. The instagram account will be able to post photos and videos of events, volunteers, programs, and other Dove activities to spread exposure of what Dove is doing in the community. The pictures and videos will have an inspiring message, of people helping other people. These photos and videos will help spread awareness of Dove’s programs, as well as the the values that the organization holds.
An interactive app is also an idea that could be implemented in our campaign to help social media for Dove Inc. The app will be available for a free download for Iphone or Android, and will act as a mobile site, with special features the regular website doesn’t. The app will have a volunteering page where people can sign up for different events, quickly and easily. Another page will have personal stories from volunteers to help inspire others to want to contribute to Dove, and volunteer for various events or programs. Another feature of the app will be an easy contact page, where anybody can submit any questions or concerns, and get a prompt response. The app is aimed at a younger demographic, because of their increased knowledge of phone technology. Somebody at Dove Inc, maybe a marketing associate or intern, will need to monitor all these social media platforms, in order to keep up with current information and questions from volunteers, and other visitors.
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