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When developing on a Chromebook I use Codenvy IDE: GitHub integration, Realtime collab & chat, Edit/Deploy Node.js apps & more

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Here's a great news for Chrome OS App Developers. The experimental Code Editor App available on GitHub at is now working in the last Dev Update of Chrome OS.

To give it a try, you have to enable the flag chrome://flags/#enable-syncfs-directory-operation and load the unpacked app from chrome://extensions.

After that, you'll be able to create a project from a template, run your Chrome Packaged App by simply clicking on "Run" and export your entire project as a .zip file.

As expected, this Code Editor App is also synchronizing automatically all your projects thanks to the chrome.syncFileSystem API which backs up all of them in your Google Drive.

Besides, I've just found out that if you search for the extension ID in Google Drive, you'll see all the files synced with this extension. See 

The Code Editor App
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