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Google Plus Follower Stats
Who Are Your Most Influential Google+ Followers?
Who Are Your Most Influential Google+ Followers?


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Целия наличен арсенал от безплатни инструменти за Google+ събран на едно място


Ето тук →

За управление на кръгове и взаимоотношения, за публикуването на съдържание, за проследяването на представянето на статуси и сравняването им с други, за опознаване на последователите ви и за техния растеж и т.н., вече има много добри налични приложения, които ще опростят тези задачи и най-вече ще улеснят работата ни в гугъл плюс.

Следва списък с най-добрите познати до момента "тулове", които професионалистите по дигитален маркетинг използват и препоръчват, за да облекчат работата си и да спестят време, създавайки ефикасно, атрактивно и полезно съдържание в Google+.

Вижте го тук →

Кой е вашия любим G+ инструмент?

#lifehackbg   #googleplus   #free  
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1 kibiday of +CircleCount!
Congratulations, my friends! :)
/+Giovanni Totaro 

Improve your geekness  ;)

Thank you!

Today is a very special day for CircleCount, since our project is getting 1,024 days old ;)
We have started on the 5th of July 2011 and after 1,024 days we have posted 1,250 posts with 33 plusones, 9 reshares and 10 comments in average per post. 
Right now we have almost 50,000(!) logged in users on
But: enough numbers ;)

The CircleCount Team would like to thank you for everything in the last 1,024 days! 
For the feedback we have received, 
the great discussions we had, 
the ideas for new features, 
the integrations with projects of our friends, 
the amazing support of the Google+ team,
the patience you had when we had server problems.
For everything!

There are some great new features in the pipeline and we won't stop creating new ones.
We have just started, so stay tuned ;)

#circlecount #birthday #thankyou
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Identifiez vos abonnés Google+ les plus populaires
Avec l'extension Firefox (gratuite) +Google Plus Follower Stats développée par +Giovanni Totaro , en test sur WRI
Qu'en pensez-vous ? Lui préférez-vous d'autres outils ?
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Best Google+ Tools: 4th place to +Google Plus Follower Stats!

1. +CircleCount (well-deserved 1st place!)
2. +Circloscope (could have been a 1st place ex-aequo)
3. +Friends+Me
4. +Google Plus Follower Stats <<< :-)
6. +PicMonkey
7. +RebelMouse
8. +Sprout Social
9. +Steady Demand

Other tools mentioned: Buffer,, NOD3x, All my+, Do Share, SumAll, Klout, Hangout Toolbox, Comment Tracker.

Read the full article by +Mervik Haums (thank you!) here:

#gpfs #googleplustools
Best Google+ Tools To Simplify Your Marketing Activities

Good evening guys, whether you're an individual marketer or a brand, it is so important to have a strong presence on Google+. We all know that, isn't it? But the most common issue among marketing pros is not having enough time to get things done efficiently. And that's exactly why we use tools and sites that help us get things done quickly and brilliantly.

Couple of weeks back, I've made a thread here asking the humans of Google+ to share their favorite Google+ marketing tools and websites, and here's the result of that discussion.

As always, +CircleCount remains as the most recommended G+ tool :-)

Check this list of Google+ marketing tools you guys suggested:

I'd like to thank +CircleCount, +Circloscope, +Friends+Me, +Google Plus Follower Stats, +Steady Demand,, +PicMonkey, +RebelMouse, +Sprout Social for answering my message and providing the necessary details. :-)

#googleplustools #humansofgoogleplus #marketingtools
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Who Are Your Most Influential (Followed) Google+ Followers?
Major update of +Giovanni Totaro's Firefox add-on just released!

Installation link:
If you already installed it ‒ thanks! ‒ it should be updated automatically.

What's new? (v2014.01.12.1)
» Multiple Google+ identities
» Multiple data sources for follower list
» +CircleCount follower history charts
» ... and many other improvements!

To launch the add-on after the installation, log in to Google+ and then click on the little green-and-blue icon on the right side of the bottom bar, as you can see here:

If you like it, PLEASE rate/review it! :)
Note: free registration needed.

And share, share, share!

Project homepage:
Source code:

#gpfs   #firefox   #addon   #googlepus   #influential   #followers   #stats   #circlecount   #opensource   #tools
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How to use +Google Plus Follower Stats for Firefox with your Google+ Pages

1. Set up a password for your page ( )

2. Log out from all your Google accounts ‒ or open a new Firefox private window (Ctrl+Shift+P)

3. Log in to Google+ with your new page credentials

4. Launch +Google Plus Follower Stats ( )

5. Enjoy! :)
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How to launch +Google Plus Follower Stats for Firefox after installation

#help #screenshot #gpfs #firefox
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Google Plus Follower Stats for Firefox - Things are going well here! ;)
Who Are Your Most Influential Google+ Followers?

What is this?
+Google Plus Follower Stats is a (free and open source) Firefox add-on by +Giovanni Totaro to sort your followers from the most followed one to the least followed one.

Installation link:

How is it going since launch? (Oct 16, 2013)
» 57 Average Daily Users
» 3 User Reviews
» 5-Star Rating
» 40 Page Followers
» 55 Page Pluses

What's next?
Follow +Google Plus Follower Stats for news about the add-on!

Thank you!
And please share, share, share! ;)

#googleplus   #followers   #stats
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Follow this page for news about Google Plus Follower Stats by +Giovanni Totaro!
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