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Camilo Nascimento
Camilo is an artist and programmer providing customers with editorial illustration, web design and development out of Ithaca, NY.
Camilo is an artist and programmer providing customers with editorial illustration, web design and development out of Ithaca, NY.

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Check out the new website for Market Matters Inc at Congratulations to the whole team!

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Responsive Design Upgrade complete for Star Motors NY, see - Luxury automobile sales and service of the highest caliber!

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Congratulations to Carolyn Mulligan, owner of Insiders Network to College.  Her new site is live and can be seen at  Another great opportunity to serve a fellow small business owner!

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Graphics & Web Solutions provided for  TASAI (The African Seed Access Index), see their new website at

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Another opportunity to help a great client, new site for Historic Urban Plans is live.  Their online store holds a unique collection of antique map prints for sale:

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Portfolio grab bag of selections from the last year of work
Design & Illustration Portfolio
19 Photos - View album

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responsive webcomics over at has come a long way in the past year... lots more coming this Fall 2014!

Post has attachment is up and running, stay tuned!

Post has attachment ..was recently telling another artist how much I love using Art Rage software... here's a couple screenshots of work in progress for a sci-fi graphic novel.

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cute and inspiring
Once upon a time . . . #WakeupRosetta | European Space Agency
. . . a spacecraft named Rosetta was launched into the sky to uncover mysteries of our Solar System. A long journey lay ahead . . .

The Rosetta spacecraft will rendezvous with comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko in August 2014. After extensively mapping the comet’s surface, it will dispatch the lander Philae in November 2014 for a close-up study of the nucleus.

Rosetta will then follow the comet on its journey through the inner Solar System, monitoring the ever-changing conditions as it warms up heading towards its closest approach to the Sun, in August 2015.

Rosetta’s main objective is to help understand the origin and evolution of the Solar System, in particular investigating the role that comets may have played in seeding Earth with water, and perhaps even life.

ESA’s firsts with the Rosetta mission
Rosetta involves several ‘firsts’ in space exploration. It is the first mission to journey beyond the main asteroid belt relying solely on solar cells for power generation, allowing it to operate 800 million kilometers from the Sun.

Once at its target, Rosetta will be the first to orbit a comet and to land a probe on the nucleus, making it one of the most complex and ambitious missions ever undertaken.

Approaching, orbiting and landing on a comet require delicate maneuvers, and since very little is known about the comet’s surface, a safe landing can only be planned after arrival.

Philae will obtain the first images ever taken on the surface of a comet and it will make the first in-situ analysis of the composition by drilling into the surface.

Philae will be only the second human-made object to land on a cosmic body far from Earth. It will follow the Huygens probe that landed on Saturn’s moon Titan, 1.3 billion kilometers from Earth, in January 2005.

Finally, Rosetta will be the first spacecraft to witness, at close proximity, how a comet changes as it is subjected to the increasing intensity of the Sun’s radiation.

Credit: +European Space Agency, ESA 

#ESA #Rosetta #Comet #Philae #Lander #Churyumo #Gerasimenko 
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