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Castle Dispatch #15-0001
For the past few months, we've been considering the pros and cons of Amazon's Kindle Worlds , and what it would mean to Tales from Castle Destro if we were to move to that venue.  Ultimately, we've decided to take the plunge.  This means that Tales from Cas...

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Volume IV: Brotherhood - Chapter 80
At the command post, Starbuck waved to get Nero’s attention.
“I’m being told that a gunship tried to escape and was shot down by Lucky’s
people.” “True to form,” Nero observed, disgustedly. “And we’re
moving on the crash site?” “Affirmative,” Starbuck confi...

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Volume IV: Brotherhood - Chapter 79
Loc groaned as he tried to catch his breath. It took a few
moments to realize that it was hard to breathe because Stone was lying on top
of him. “Stone!” he said, trying to rouse the man. “Stone!” Stone mumbled something incoherent. Loc wasn’t sure if the s...
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