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When does the beta apply to my account after joining? Still getting the main release 

For some reason I haven't been able to get AutoPebble on my watch to launch anything. When I set up the default "hello world" event it still just displays the "Add an Autopebble app condition" message like when you launch it without configuring anything.

I have accessibility turned on to everything, a profile made, when app launches checked, and the log listing shows "New Pebble App Status: Watch App Opened"

Any ideas? I am at a lost on how to get my stuff working again


This ROM is great. I saw on the Features list on XDA "Floating Windows"

What does this feature entail? Is it a multi-window support or does it just the gesture launch feature? I cant seem to find any other reference to it


I have been playing with this for about a week now but am struggling to get something to work. I would like to have a better stab at this by using documentation but I have been unable to find any. Is there ANY documentation for this software or at the very least a decent centralized repo for examples. I get that there are lots of "demo videos" showing "what you can do" but i'd like to see more under the hood examples before I decide to start buying several of these plugins.


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DNS and No-IP takedown
I finally hit the point where I was forced to learn something about domains and how dns works. No-IP
had a ton of their domains seized by Microsoft and as a result my
dynamic dns stopped working. I used a domain for years as a
dynamic dns r...

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Picture snapshot
Using my snaps program (mostly based on example from VideoCapture) and using _ as an inspiration, I wrote this. Use it however you want. I have it snapping a photo of me every time I unlock my machine with Tas...

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