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I hope the #chi2015 senior reviewers like the cold. It'll be 0C/32F at best for the PC Meeting. Luckily it'll be 20C/65F in late April!

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If, like me, you/your partner are thinking 'ZOMG IS KOREA SAFE'? Maybe this will help you: (FYI - its safe). #chi2015

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Anxious about your papers? Heres the list of #chi2015 workshops to make you feel better! or worse... not sure. Enjoy!

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Did you know!? TOCHI articles can be presented at our various conferences, like CHI. This now includes MobileHCI! See

Happy Thanksgiving! (if you celebrate it). As a gift, Reviewers can enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend whilst reading all those rebuttals #chi2015

Dont forget #chi2015 rebuttals are due tomorrow (26th) at 5pm PDT. Have you calmed down enough yet to write them? or to edit the tone down?

Some notifications, incl. #chi2015 courses & workshops, have gone out - Expect to see some exciting lists soon! Congrats to those accepted.

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How to handle rebuttals? The late great @hcir_geneg once wrote a good article: Anyone got other advice? #chi2015

Wow, no #chi2015 papers in PCS got an avg>3 this year! #notreally #itsjustyourpapers . Reviews released for rebuttals sometime tomorrow!

Our #chi2015 ACs should now be a) starting reviewer discussions, b) checking R quality & c) writing meta-Rs. Rebuttal period is 19-26 Nov
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