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I am Obsessed with Fashion!! Fashion is forever changing which is what makes it so exciting. Watching show after show, movie after movie, I have always wondered "Where can I get that shirt, those pants, that necklace?" The beauty of options is what makes it possible for the everyday customer to be fashion forward but it greatly depends on whether or not you can find the different options! I would like to provide people with the hottest trend updates and end the crazy search for the items many of us love. People can now shop online for the items they love in the convenience of their own home!
Although I AM OBSESSED with FASHION my other guilty pleasure is WINE! Having grown up with my father collecting wine, it was only a matter of time before I was bitten by the grape. With so many different types of bottles varying from country to year, there is so much to explore within this forever growing industry!! My mission is to share my love of wine with my thirsty grape suckers out there and provide them with what types of wine, glasses, and food they should splurge on (cheap and expensive)!!!! As a marketing student I hope to pursue a career in the two things I love, WINE and FASHION.
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