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Hey G+ friends! I'm looking for some people with a background in biology/chemistry/neurology/public speaking or just anyone who would like to hear my senior seminar presentation on procedural memory & the effect of music on health. I need to practice as I'm presenting to a group of senior biology students & my professor this Thursday. Please let me know if you would be interested in listening to my 10 minute talk & giving me feedback. Perhaps, we can do a google hangout! :D 

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 

People are always surprised when a holiday or the end of the year approaches like they were hibernating for months or something.

I sign into G+ to check out the redesign and the first two posts are about Trump.

Why Google+? Why??

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Fairly new site is giving away 60 seats to the caribbean - if you live around Boston, NYC or Baltimore you should give it a go.
Giveaway: Get to the sun and sand this December for free!

We have 60 tickets for Norwegian's three inaugural flights to the French Caribbean in December and you have a chance to win more than one.

There will be plenty of winners, so make sure to share spread the word! - 

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=^_^= my first unboxing, enjoy!

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And Now For A Very Important PSA

It's Friday
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I know it's been a while, but I wanted to share this important update. As some of you may have heard, my mom has cancer. Stanford called and they're now able to get my mom in for surgery tomorrow. This is a huge step forward, but of course it is just the beginning of her healing process.

A number of you have reached out to ask how you can help (thank you!). The most immediate need at the moment is the substantial financial impact of having cancer.

As many of you know and have experienced first-hand, my mom has devoted herself to a life of being in service to others as a healer. As a result, she lives a very modest life, so the cost of this unforeseen illness is considerably significant. Beyond the high price of treatment alone, my mom will be unable to work for up to three months (perhaps longer depending on secondary treatment); in need of healthy, whole foods; medications, etc, etc. As you can imagine, it adds up quickly and can get overwhelming.

The goal is to raise $10K to help ease this burden. What a wonderful gift it would be to have that completed by this Friday so she can go into her surgery with peace of mind and a feeling of love and support from all of us. We are just about halfway there, but we still have half to go with only one day left.

They say that love kills cancer. So--let's show my mom just how much she is loved. Can you donate?

(And please feel free to share the post! Deepest of thanks from me and my family.)

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Google Music now has a free version with ads. Think Pandora.

I'll be sticking with the discount rate (and still free currently) paid version I got bundled with YouTube music, but it's a good idea. They should have done it a while back when they introduced those playlists.

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