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I am Vince Samios

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Seems I haven't used Google+ in a year and a half... what does that say about G+?

Resisting the urge to spend £xx,xxx on another domain name... I'm not sure I'll be able to resist for very long... drugs are cheaper, that's for sure.

I have more patience than you have stubbornness, and I have more stubbornness than you have patience.

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For music lovers... The sets by "Adele" and "The blind boys of alabama" are especially good. Almost 150 in total.

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Do you think google plus is gaining, or losing momentum

Trying to watch topgear on iPlayer... bloody useless Sky Broadband

There doesn't seem to be much sympathy for Amy Winehouse... the general consensus seems to be "she didn't value her life, why would we?" - thoughts?
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