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Coming in 4.11!
I like web shortcuts. It's a feature I use daily to be more productive. When I noticed some shortcuts were broken I went out to fix them and add a few improvements. Here is an overview:

- We now use an encrypted connection if possible. This works for Wikipedia, google shortcuts and DuckDuckGo (bug: 308029)
- 20 shortcuts are updated to use a new query.
- 9 broken shortcuts that could not be fixed are removed.
- 4 new ones have been added to replace them: freecode (fc), Google Shopping (ggs), KDE Projects (kp) and Qt4 for developers.
- When you add a new shortcuts it copies a link from your clipboard (if available) and you can add a query placeholder by clicking on a button next to the text box. (bug: 146880, 146879) This makes the whole process a piece of cake. See the screengrab.

Hope you like it!
Special thanks to David Faure and Dawit Alemayehu for reviewing my patches and pointing out any mistakes.
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Back then, when Konqueror still was a competitive browser (I used it for years) I loved web shortcuts… but nowadays, there's simply Chromium…
+Elias Probst Did you know you can use these from krunner and it launches your browser of choice?

These are not welded to Konqueror in any way.
+Aaron Seigo Sure! How could I not know this… :)
The reason why I stopped using web shortcuts from all over the place (and from krunner): Chromium's poor integration with virtual desktops/activities.
This isn't really KDE SC's fault, but more Chromium or generally missing XDG like specifications how to deal with this.
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