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Promotional Gifts That Mean Business
Promotional Gifts That Mean Business


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Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

What excellent business gifts! We feature a large range of promotional bluetooth speakers that can be printed or engraved with your logo. 

Business gifts are always best if they are products your customers want to own and use. These little portable bluetooth speakers are an excellent choice for music lovers and those who like to speak handsfree. 

All include rechargeable batteries with 5 to 15 hours of music playtime. I have personally tried each of the bluetooth speakers supplied and they all have crystal clear sound. 

For more information, please go to

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Promotional Products No Minimum Order

Promotional products are usually purchased in bulk. At CompuGift, we know that many people and businesses only need to purchase few or even one. That's why we have added a new section to our website where you can do just that.

On our site now, you will find so many eye-catching and fun business gifts that can be purchase in bulk or you could order as few as one. 

This service is aimed at sales promotion agencies who might just need a logo printed product for photography and at people who might just want to purchase a personalised gift for a friend, employee or customer. 

You can use our state of the art online design tool to design your product. Then all you have to do is save the design when you're happy with it and place your order. We offer very fast service and very competitive prices even when you are just purchasing one!

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Promotional Cloud Stress Balls

Cloud software has revolutionised the way we all do business. If you are promoting one of the companies that is making it happen, you might like to consider promoting your brand with these eye-catching promotional cloud stress balls.

Just like all of the stress products we supply, these can be manufactured to order to match your company's colours. 

There is a sizeable print area of 35mm x 20mm which is large enough for a logo and message. We can even print them for you in full colour which looks fantastic. 

Of course clouds are not only associated with software. Many clubs, businesses and charities have used these fun business gifts to promote environmental messages.

Want to see a sample? Just ask. We thing you will be impressed with the quality of our trade priced cloud stress balls. We ship worldwide.

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Promotional Mini Stress Balls

Of all the travel related promotional stress balls we supply, the Mini shaped stress toy is right up there with the best sellers.

These shapes are fun and I'm sure you will agree they look authentic and fantastic. 

Other suppliers of these eye-catching printed stress toys are usually limited to two or three stock colours. Not us! We can manufacture these to order in the Pantone colours of your choice. We also supply them at trade prices which could save you up to 50%.

If you are looking for a memorable way to promote your logo, brand and company colours, promotional Mini shaped stress balls could be just the business gift for you. 

Want to see a sample of our work? Just ask. We would love to show you are top quality stress Minis.

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Promotional Stress Balls At Trade Prices

There are a few trade only suppliers of promotional stress balls out there. Visit their sites and they will usually redirect you to one of their distributors. If you are looking for lowest prices on top quality promotional stress balls, you don't want to go there!

At CompuGift, we have been working closely with the best manufacturers of quality stress toys since 1997. We, however have decided not to pass you on to a distributor but to supply you directly. 

This could save you up to 50%!

If you are looking for printed stress toys, we have over 700 shapes to choose from. We also specialise in made to order shapes.

Imagine having your company mascot, company vehicle or any other shape made into a stress ball. We can help you do just that and at prices that no other UK supplier can touch.

We would be very happy to send you samples of our work. Our promotional stress balls are ethically sourced. We have ensured that we only work with manufacturers that do not allow child labour and who ensure their staff's working conditions are up to UK standard. 

Next time you are looking for printed stress toys to promote your business, why not cut out the middle man and purchase them at trade prices from the UK's leading supplier of promotional stress balls?

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Promotional Sports Themed Stress Balls At Trade Prices

We've gone all out on our new mobile friendly trade priced promotional stress balls website!

All of our promotional stress balls are manufactured to the highest quality and sold at trade prices. This could save you up to 50%!

We supply our printed stress balls at the same price that most business gift suppliers buy them. Compare our prices and you will see the savings.

We work only with the best respected manufacturers of these popular stress relievers.

Our Sports Themed Range of Stress Balls

We supply all the most popular sports shapes available. If you don't see what you are looking for, we can also make them to order. You might be surprised to fnd just how inexpensive these popular stress shapes are. 

From footballs to rugby ball, cricket balls and more, chances are we have just what you're looking for. 

These can all be manufactured in the colours of your choice. We can print in Pantone matched spot colour or brilliant full colour. 

To see our extensive range, please go to...

Samples of our work is readily available so please ask if this will help you with your decision. 

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Promotional Brain Shaped Stress Balls

Promotional stress balls are hugely popular for promoting many different messages. The fact that they are available in so many different shapes means that you can probably find the perfect shape for your message and brand.

Promotional brain shaped stress balls can be used for so many different promotions. These can be made in the colour of your choice. We can even Pantone match. Your message can be printed in spot or full colour digital which looks fantastic. 

Whether you are trying to draw awareness to a charity or you just want people to think about how your products and/or services could help them, printed brain stress toys could be the perfect low cost business gift for you.

We supply worldwide. We deal directly with the best manufacturers of these and other stress shapes which means we can offer them to you at trade prices.

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Promotional System 010 Pens - Printed pens with no minimum order

The System 010 promotional pen is quickly becoming a UK favourite. These eye-catching plastic pens can be printed in full colour. You have eight popular trim colours to choose from.

Now, thanks to advances in digital printing, we can print a few as one for you. 

In  the past we have been asked hundreds of times to just print a few promotional pens. These ballpens are great printed in small quantities as personalised gifts for friends and family.

Use our online design tool to design your pens and then send the order. It's that easy.

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Promotional Pens No Minimum Order

Over the years, we have supplied companies with millions of promotional pens. Now we can do even more...

To meet the demand of people simply wanting to order a few of even just one pen printed or engraved, we now offer a no minimum order service on some of the most popular ballpens, highlighters and printed pencils. 

That's right, you can actually order just one from a large selection of popular writing instruments. These are ideal used as personalised gifts for family and friends.

Interested? Check out this fantastic range.

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The New Full Colour Printed System Pen Range

First there was the Contour Digital range of promotional pens. These are the best sellers in the UK by far as they can be printed in full colour in only three days. They also happen to look fantastic.

NOW there is the new System Pen range. Personally, I think the System pen range might just take the front spot soon. These express promotional pens can be printed 360 degrees around the barrel with your logo and message in full colour. 

What's more, they can also be delivered in as few as five days. 

There are currently seven styles to choose from and new additions are being planned.

If you have a big message you would like to promote, these full colour printed pens have the space to do it. They write so well and I highly recommend them. Here is more information...

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