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- Complete map novice seeks understanding -

I'm looking into making maps for a sci-fi game and I've noticed that almost every sci-fi/space game uses hex maps. Wouldn't it be easier to use squares or am I missing something? is there a benefit to using hexes I'm not seeing?

I'd like to buy a hardcopy of Traveller but the different editions have me a bit confused. Which one would you recommend?

What tools do you guys use to work on your games? I've been MS OneNote but I'm interested in what others use.

If stuff is showing up twice sorry. I've been tinkering. I'll get it figured out.

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An important thing to note about my rating: Is it going to win any awards for awesome graphics or story? Probably not. Is it flawless? No. But the bottom line is: for 800MS Points/$9.99, this is a damn fine, mindless killing spree that will sate both the appetites of those awaiting Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and people who need to blow off some steam. It’s not perfect, but succeeds at its goal perfectly."

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