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For anyone going to GenCon16 I've recently added two 4hr Shadows of Esteren sessions to the Events (titled "Dark Arts").

Its an adventure of my own creation ... probably best described as a cross between the movie "The Revenant" and the book "Heart of Darkness" (The current description was written before I knew the scenario).

I'm a proof reader of the english books (for 3+ years), have run multiple groups through the published adventures, and currently have two groups I GM for weekly (though not SoE at the moment) ... so if your interested in playing a little Shadows of Esteren check the sessions out.

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Here are some helpful rules card for the game. 

Note: The Healing & Sanity Card includes an errata to Book 1—Universe ... the Health Condition penalty should apply to Defense and Speed values in addition to any rolls a PC makes. This is slated to be corrected on future printings of book 1.

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Here is a second set of cards for SoE. I'll put off posting anymore as to not spam the SoE G+ group, but look for more tomorrow. As I mentioned in a previous post, these are identical to the ones found on the English SoE Forum.

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These have been on the English forums for awhile ... I'll be posting links to the whole set of game aids.

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A beautiful article ... I'm really looking forward to reading his book "The Meursault Investigation", on pre-order.

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