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Melissa Rohrer
I am a potter living in Marietta, Ohio.
I am a potter living in Marietta, Ohio.

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Some lately assembled cairns.  I'm pretty sure it takes me longer to put these together than it does to make the individual parts.  Each one morphs several times before I decide the arrangement is right. I've been putting aside the various cairn parts for a...

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mini churn making
An interesting project has come my way.  I have been working with a local historical group to reproduce small versions of a pottery item.  The original was made by a potter who once worked on the property known as "The Castle" in Marietta, Ohio. I will more...

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the secret life of potters
This week: Obsessing over making an oxidation fired plate coordinate with a reduction fired plate. Obsessing over making mini butter churns fired in oxidation that correctly replicate the 23" tall salt fired original in both proportion and glaze.  I may be ...

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Empty Bowls 2017 and some honey jars
Empty Bowls is coming up soon.  Here's a few of the bowls I will bring to the event, scheduled for Saturday, April 1 at 11 AM - 1 PM at   First Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Ohio 501 4th St, Marietta, Ohio  The above bowls are more of a cup-of-soup size wh...

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keeping your own work, and Miss Billy is on the table
In the midst of a framing/hanging and wall painting project I decided to find a place to hang a couple of my recent clay tiles with found wood pieces. This is something I rarely do.  I may keep a mug or bowl that has a small imperfection but not the best st...

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the sun makes an appearance
The sun is starting to make it's late afternoon appearance to my work table.  It takes a few months off in the winter.      Some greenware honey jars.  Customers awaiting. An afternoon hike.  I was captivated by trees and sky reflected in a pond.

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think of it as an internship
This is going to get wordy, so I'm telling you right now to pass unless you have a curiosity about artist's co-ops.  I am writing in defense of them, sort of.  I say this having recently resigned from one- ha!  But, as I was ending my three and a half year ...

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Local Artist Show 2016
A little late getting these pictures out.  It's usually best to post pictures before the show.  This was the Local Artist Show in Marietta, Ohio. I was flying last week to get things done. Pictures had to wait. Here's a few of the items left at end of show....

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not as expected
I like a lot of different glazes, and seem be particularly drawn to rich, dark glazes.  However, my usual tenmoku glaze is temperamental.  The plum, almost black, glaze that I love may be driven to extinction by poor record keeping.  Note to self:  Do not a...

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Poetry in Art 2016
The "Poetry in Art" exhibit is a collaboration of poets and artists, mostly in the region of Marietta and Athens, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Poets submitted poems and artists used the poems as inspiration to create art in their chosen media. Poem...
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