Some thoughts on Google Glass after trying it for a couple of minutes: it's over-hyped, and I was a bit disappointed. But you know what? It's AWESOME and I want one too!

What bugged me in particular :
- the display is disappointing: blurry (maybe I simply didn't adjust it properly) and the purple-ish. It's pretty much exactly what you've seen in demonstration videos on YouTube.
- it's bigger than I imagined.
- I didn't understand a single word when it was talking to me. Maybe it was just a matter of ambient noise. +Sergii Kauk told me he can understand it perfectly
- I think we'll see major UI revamps in the future as we did for Android

On the other hand...
- it's awesome
- it's fun to play with
- even though it's such a big chunk on your face, I quickly forgot about it
- I can imagine wearing this the whole day

One more thing, that most people might say is actually a good thing: you can't see what's on the display if you're not directly and intentionally looking at it. Vice versa, you can't really see what's happening around you while you're looking at the display.
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