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Oh no they didn't. No seriously... they didn't...

Too tall or not big enough for normal stores, too short and too small for Big & Tall. :( whee where are all the 38X34s?

Nothing left to do, but wait for my final check tomorrow...

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Ok, the hype about this place is well deserved. Ample portions of toppings, finally! I hate a place that sticks two little onions and a scrap of lettuce, not these guys they pack it on! Next time: quad bacon cheese with a1, onions, mushrooms, and lettuce.

OH: "My dog has created more shovel ready jobs then the current adminstration..." LOL

These past few days have been especially challenging. I suspect I look forward to unemployment more than most...

This day could not possibly go slower, unless all the schools decide to buy all new physics books.
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